Eleventh commandment: don’t miss this musical.
This is what our Roberto Tiranti (alias Ramses) seems to be saying from his Egyptian throne in the most involving and exciting show ever represented in Italy: I Dieci Comandamenti
(official website: www.idiecicomandamenti.com). Dozens of thousands spectators in France, concluding triumphally January the 18th at Palais Omnisport, in Bercy with 9000 beating hearts.

Labyrinthmusic.it could not miss it and March the 11th we attended the theatrical event of the year. A monumental, rich and detailed scenery surrounding the episode of the Old Testament that most signed the life of million people. In the cast, young artists put together intricate, involving and dramatic plots and moved people to tears.

It’s difficult to describe a 2 hours show without being trite: this is why we advise anyone who will have the possibility (unfortunately we are talking just to Italian fans) to attend this fascinating show, which will take place for a month from March the 9th in Milan, Mazda Palace.

Roberto worked with considerable artists, like Sergio Moschetto, performing Moses, or Barbara Eramo, under the skin of Sephora (Moses’ wife). Nothing is fortuitous, there are not “dead” times in the exhibition of the genoese singer and his unmistakable timbre leave an indelible mark in the soul of the ones who crossed the threshold of the Mazda Palace.



Perhaps someone is asking if we can find in ‘A Ciascuno Il Suo Sogno’ or ‘Fratello’ the same verve and emphasis of ‘Moonlight’ or ‘Mortal Sin’. We can just answer that he will find a great Roberto Tiranti waiting for him. Raise the curtain…