15th february 2003

BREAKING NEWS: Mattia, Roberto and Andrea "Mec" have a message for you, directly from "these busy days" ! ...click here!

Many more detailed news about the Maze are coming !!! STAY TUNED...

12th february 2003

Surely, music is a very important part of the life of us all. 
But we must remember that also donating life is very important and we all can make it. This is why www.
labyrinthmusic.it  supports the international campaign for the giving of blood. 
A simple gesture that can save the life to another person: this is the giving of blood. Labyrinthmusic.it is an international website and every one of you, in his own country, in his own city, can find information about this generous gesture.
Here are some of the web addresses to which make reference in order to find information about the giving of blood:

www.avis.it (Italy)
www.frates.org (Italy)
www.redcross.org/donate/give (U.S.A)
www.blood.co.uk (England)


Remember: blood is life !