26th april 2003

After some news published on the Net in the last hours, we have to define the following:

All the news about Labyrinth not coming from the official output device of the band, Labyrinthmusic.it, must be considered not official and not given by the band.

It's also true that the new label for Europe and United States is Century Media Records and the album (out at the end of June) won't have a title, but it will be called simply 'Labyrinth'. Italy and Japan must not be considered in this contract because of some problems with the old label of the band.

The official tracklist of the new album is :

01. The Prophet (4:46)
02. Livin' In A Maze (4:37)
03. This World (4:55)
04. Just Soldier [Stay Down] (5:26)
05. Neverending Rest (4:54)
06. Terzinato (5:49)
07. Slave To The Night (6:06)
08. Synthetic Paradise (5:48)
09. Hand In Hand (4:26)
10. When I Will Fly Far (5:16)

More details will be on line as soon as possible.

We finally invite all the Laby-fans in the world to get information EXCLUSIVELY on the Official Website Labyrinthmusic.it and not to listen to the several (and often not true) news on the Net.
Stay metal !!!

S.O.T Staff

11th april 2003

At last, April the 10th is arrived: so, we're proud to announce that the winner of the first  Labyrinthmusic.it Competition is:  Enrique Pereira from Caracas, Venezuela

Thank you guys, for the great participation from every angles of the world !

march 2003

Great success for the musical I Dieci Comandamenti, played in Milan (I) in these days: Labyrinthmusic.it could not miss it ...read more

march 2003

  • Labyrinthmusic.it for the first time announce a competition for all the Laby-fans of the world!! The winner (just one!) will be drawn from all the right answers received and he will win a very very attractive prize:

A skin and a stick (

...click here to see picture) used by Mattia Stancioiu during the last show of the year 2002: L'Urlo Del Drago Metalfest.
To gain them you have just to answer this simple question:

"In which band played Mattia before Labyrinth?"

All the answers must be sent not later than April the 10th to the following email address: , specifying: name, lastname, address, city, ZIP, country.
Good luck to you all!

  • After many requests (Reeeaally? Please, be serious :!), the Staff's pics - click on the name to see them - are back to trouble your dreams: may God have mercy on you : ! Enter here…

  • Finally also the ones who found Labyrinthmusic.it only by surfing on the Net, will have the possibility to test the power of the Maze thanks to the Labyrinth's MP3 of Discography section (TWO COMPLETE downloading tracks in every album profile!). Click here…

3rd march 2003

New downloading stuff for Laby-maniaks, in Media section:

- 4 NEW wallpapers
- 2 NEW rare tracks from our archives: Heaven Denied, recorded live in Suzzara 27/07/2000 and Touch the Rainbow demo version 2000 ...click here

Do not forget  to visit our News Archive, to find all last months' news!