4th june 2003

An exclusive preview! Download over 1 minute and an half from the song The Prophet !!! click here...

...and here below the first two official 2003 pics of the band !



22nd  may 2003

Hey mazers!!!
Are you curious to know how the new cover by Travis Smith will be ???
Nooo ??? Fuck ! Click here,  guys.......

16th may 2003

Official street date for the newcomer 'Labyrinth' on Century Media Records: June the 30th !!!
This date is valid for all countries except Italy and Japan. More details online soon...

Hi fanclubbers of the Maze!
The wait for you (and for the other fanzzz, not ???) IS OVER: from July the 15th it will be possible to renew - or do the new one - your subscription to SONS OF THUNDER INTERNATIONAL F.C.
But... where's the news in the Official Fanclub?
Simply the best one: your subscription will be valid FOR ALL 2003-2004: one year and an half of Labyrinth (at the same low prices of the last years) !!!
Membership card, sms services web-letters, previews, exclusive pics (online after one week on Labyrinthmusic.it) and many more, will be the services you'll find in S.O.T INTERNATIONAL F.C. ...
So, on July the 15th THE SONS OF THE THUNDER WILL BE BACK!! ... don't miss them!!

Website's final mutation is goin' on: S.O.T staff is working really hard to put all the new stuff online on the day of the new album's release.
Labyrinthmusic.it will rules the Net !!!

8th may 2003

First confirmed tourdate for this Summer Of The Maze:

August the 9th 2003 - Chiaromonte (PZ), Campo Sportivo
Info: www.agglutination.it

New encoming tourdates online soon !!!!

26th april 2003

After some news published on the Net in the last hours, we have to define the following:

All the news about Labyrinth not coming from the official output device of the band, Labyrinthmusic.it, must be considered not official and not given by the band.

It's also true that the new label for Europe and United States is Century Media Records and the album (out at the end of June) won't have a title, but it will be called simply 'Labyrinth'. Italy and Japan must not be considered in this contract because of some problems with the old label of the band.

The official tracklist of the new album is :

01. The Prophet (4:46)
02. Livin' In A Maze (4:37)
03. This World (4:55)
04. Just Soldier [Stay Down] (5:26)
05. Neverending Rest (4:54)
06. Terzinato (5:49)
07. Slave To The Night (6:06)
08. Synthetic Paradise (5:48)
09. Hand In Hand (4:26)
10. When I Will Fly Far (5:16)

More details will be on line as soon as possible.

We finally invite all the Laby-fans in the world to get information EXCLUSIVELY on the Official Website Labyrinthmusic.it and not to listen to the several (and often not true) news on the Net.
Stay metal !!!

S.O.T Staff