he hard writing work is going on...

Greet to the Labyrinth followers from the Sons Of Thunder International Staff!
Summer has just ended (someone will say "luckily!") and availing of the first cold, we have summon Mec (who suffers being a sea-man and a sun lover) to make the point of the situation of the work during these post-demo months. 28th September we met him at the Bettola Studios in Novate Milanese (MI) and during one of the few pauses with the band, he placed himself in front of a portable PC and wrote what follows...


Hi to everyone from Andrea "Mec" De Paoli, alter ego of Prof. Mazinkaiser ( the ones who go often on the Blackboard of our site knows who I am talking about!)...
As ordered by the "supreme head of our Staff", no less than Bernasca, I have the task to describe other new tarcks (besides the four already on the demo), which will composed the new album out March/April 2003.

1. The first song was born by the "riff producer" Prof.Tarelli ( : ), alias Andrea Cantarelli. I am sure that this song will leave you amazed for its violence. The music begins with an intro, a whirtling of trash rhythmical and changes of time in Bay Area style. After a minute and half, the rhythmic base is enriched by the melodies of Roberto and by electronic / heavenly sounds, making the mood more and more interesting. After a rhytmn and melodic but always very strong bridge, the song opens with in a refrain full of groove and pure melody. Then the atmosphere gets even more hollow (hallucinating, I would say!!) with an harping break of malicious electric-acoustic guitar, supported by bass and keyboards close to the dodecaphony. The ambient is then interrupted again by distorted rhythmics, speed close to the 200 bpm, and it ends then with an allucinated final, almost perverse. Probably the most violent and malicious track ever written by Labyrinth.

2. The second track is almost a dreaming ballad opening with a piece of piano in minor. Then Mattia begins with a slow but strong time always on the same piece of piano, and Andrea Cantarelli starts with a guitar choir dubbed by my keyboards. Also here Roby enters: he defines the song "noble" and I agree. The music gives shiver… any noble soul will be lost inside this song and the goose flesh will be the clothes you will wear any time your stereo will play the tunes of this song.

3. And then again a lot of riffs and drumming. Violent intro and articulated, followed by a rhythmic strophe with the voice of Roberto clean and strong. The bridge arrives with a change of tune, the groove changes a bit but the melody grows until the refrain: a speed fast but melancholic of which I wrote the lyrics, which talk about a woman talking to her ego to find herself. In the middle we find again a special onetric with stroke of piano, analogic pad, bass of Cristiano as class carpet, and guitar played in modulated volume ending with bridge and refrain.

4. The forth track is a sort of "Heaven Denied". Beginning with arrangements of keyboards, evidenced guitar choir and then strophe with Roberto singing. The sound carpet opens with a part of harping keyboards and his voice always giving strong emotions flowing into the refrain, which I hope will give you the same emotion it gave me. The lyrics will always be about personal experiences and about how life can change because of some events.

Now I have against my will to leave you... I greet all our fans wishing them to dream again forever…
YoursAndrea "Mec" - "Prof.Mazinkaiser" De Paoli

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