Hi to you all!!
In these days we are finishing the songwriting of the tracks for the Demo 2002 (4 songs), presentation of the new album. Probably we will enter the studios to complete the work during the last 10 days of July. We are glad for our new songs but we don’t want to declare – as too often we hear say – “they are the best songs ever composed by our band!!!”.

We think it’s right to underline that, during theese years, we have learnt much, overall by our own mistakes. And that the feeling and the will of have fun – that are the base of every Labyrinth’s work – are stronger than ever. This is why our songs are taking the character which let us be known and appreciated in a difficult world too frequently inflated: the one of our music genre. 

The live album is ready but we think that it is right to concentrate on the writing of the new album, without losing uselessly energies; after all the idea of a live album didn’t had ambitions of selling. We just liked the idea of showing a basic aspect of our band: the live dimension. Surely it will be released, but we don’t know exactly when. But we surely think that the new album will be released in the first months of next year…

In the meanwhile we take the occasion to greet and thanks everyone who followed us with such passion during these years (already 10!!!) and the ones who just quickly heard us, hoping that they had appreciated our music.

A last greet to people who, like us, see the Music just as a way to express our own emotions: a world where there are not good ones and evil ones, but just different people, with something different – but not less important – to say…