RECORDING DEMO 2003 (september 2002)

Day by day:

17th          July:   drums (CUBASE)
18th, 19th July:   guitars + percussions
20th , 21st July:  bass
22nd          July:   keyboards
23rd, 24th July:   keyboards + voices
25th, 26th July:   mix


The Prophet
Livin’ In A Maze
Slave To The Night
Synthetic Paradise

The 2002 Demo is finally ready and it is composed by four songs characterized by a feeling and by a power, which did not betray a name like Lab˙rinth.

After the leaving of Olaf Thörsen from Labyrinth, many fans were bewildered, as token see the post on the Guest Book of the web site and the Emails to The tension around Labyrinth was obvious from months, in fact the above cited tracks came to nothing: but as soon as things were cleared, everything in the new songs set perfectly like in a puzzle.

The pre-production of the Demo took place in the new Bettola Studios in Novate Milanese (MI) by the band, and the definite production and the following recording took place at G.B. Studios (for G.B. studios infos:  in Cinisello Balsamo (a little town near Milano), thanks to a very good sound technician, Maurizio Brioschi, with the collaboration of a valid fellow, Ale De Berti, known as member of the band N8. For drums it was decide to record in CUBASE to speed the production of the demo, but thanks to the betterments brought by Mattia during the pre-production, they earned in Labyrinth-sound and genuineness. Obviously during the sessions of the definite recording, the blonde drummer will play his drums.

About the recording of the full album, we can say that from the end of August Labyrinth will begin the writing of the new songs (about twenty!), then there will be the selection and then the definite production, ending with the start of recordings in the first week of December.

In the days of the recording of the Demo there was a serene climate, they joked (the motto TE LO FAI  was re-born in these days !!), they discuss about how the new parts would have depict inside the work, without incomprehension (or tensions). All under the supervision of the new manager Fabrizio Giruzzi. The tracks are complex, not because they are not catchy, but because of the many passages into them. Both Andrea, Cristiano, and Mac had to work hard on the writing and the interpretation of their solos (for example in “Synthetic Paradise”). This was to make special and unique all the four tracks of the Demo 2002.

The pictures you will find attached to the report were taken in these moments during which the band was joking, but also was studying the right volumes for the sounds.

26th July, day of the mix, we asked Roberto to make us a description of the tracks composing the demo. Here are his words:

“Before beginning the description of the Demo I want to made an introduction: our band has left the idea of a concept album. Since the beginning of the Labyrinth career the albums have always been a sort of concept albums. For the new work, I can say that it will be not a story, but several episodes separated from each other; this because we think it is good for the listeners to take out from the album a song with its own story. It is not said that I will write the lyrics of all the songs: I have written these four songs, Mac has some ideas for the lyrics of a new song that we have ready. It is a song like “Heaven Denied” in some way. In few days we will give him the melodies of the track and Mac will begin writing the lyrics. We are living together in a very relaxed atmosphere, both as a band and on human level. I would like to write the lyrics of the whole album, but there are no problem: as soon as someone has some idea, he tells it to the others and together we decide what to do. Mattia (Mat) has some ideas for the lyrics, too. But this happened also before, when Olaf covered all the lyrics…In “Sons of Thunder” I also had some ideas and in fact I wrote “Love”. But let’s talk about the songs:

“The Prophet” is the story of a calm town, one of the many of the world, in which the everyday life is broken up by a fool foretelling disasters. The problem is that the disasters really happen!! A prophet that, after the usual warnings about the depraved attitude of the inhabitants, stirs up an apocalypse, with the opening of the sky between thunder and lighting … We cannot always joke and laugh, so I decided to write something tragic. I would define power this song, even if inside there is a more metal verse, both as riffs and as energy and it recalls to the 80’s.

“Living In A Maze”: I think that the title already comments the whole song. It is the Labyrinth’s history, very summarize. We have always thought to live inside a sort of Labyrinth, often made by many kind of sorrow: for the persons who are no more with us and for the ones who took joke of us during these years ( obviously omitting names in the song). A verse of the song is typically mid tempo, but with a parenthesis very power and angry with a powerful structure in double case: I could define it “prog power”.

“Slave To The Night” is about a vampire tormented because he cannot have a love, because of his condition. The only way would be to bite the lady loved and make her become a vampire, too. Even if this subject has been used several times, I did not care about it and I used it for a Labyrinth song. Musically is a mid tempo, very close to “Kathryn” but also to “Chapter I”, an halfway because, like “Chapter I” it has a slow part in the middle, with just acoustic guitar and voices, but at the same time with some parenthesis recalling to “Kathryn”.

“Synthetic Paradise” is absolutely the most power track of the four, very speed. The music of this song brought me to write this lyric, telling about a person I know, who, even if he has not personal or health problems, loses his time with drugs. Yes, unfortunately he is a friend of mine. The incised is very happy and it would be a sign of hope, why not? In fact I say in the text: you should realize that even if you count on these synthetic substances, you are always a dickhead! I hope this message will be useful…!”

Report and photos:
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