ROCK TV SHOW - REPORT (april 2002)

Milano 4th April 2002
The day begin with an interview in the studios of Rock TV and with another one "more live" in the background of the disco Rolling Stone, with me and one of the newcomers of the Sons Of Thunder International Staff, Linda Giacomello, who during the show became a wicked thrower of bra (her own!), among the laughs of an amused Rob Tyrant !! This was the occasion to show the power of a band like Labyrinth to the cameras one of the best beginner satellite TV.
The live set was opened at 11 p.m. with the from Tuscany progsters In Memory, which with their female singer, could give a new dimension to a musical genre - metal - usually prerogative of male voices. Involving and clever.
Labyrinth were on stage at 11.30 p.m. to play in an half hour the best of their repertory. They astonished the fans beginning suddenly with "Thunder" and going on with "Katrhyn" they explore their last work "Sons Of Thunder". Many of the presents were not the usual metal-share but they can not avoid being speechless as soon as they begin with "Lady Lost In Time". But just the overemphatic "No Limits" take the amplifiers of the Rolling Stone.
The climax of the mini show arrives with "Moonlight", foreseen as opener of the concert, really priceless as usual and with a duo Thorsen / Rain over the lines.

Sunday 14th April the trials of the new material have begun in Genoa, in the same place of the test for the Italian Attack. Soon on an exclusive interview with Chris Breeze to make the point of the situation about the working of the live album and of the new tracks.
Stay tuned!!

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