Then they release new full-length album "Freeman" on March 2005 where band show more aggressive riffs and melodic parts at the same time.
There is new look with strenght-jackets and more wish of freedom on lyrics, besides for Italian version and Jaspanese version, there are “normal version” and also “with bonus DVD version”( Contents of bonus DVD - LIVE VIDEO:7.5.2004 O-EAST TOKYO, 13.11.2004-UNDE
(Promotion video) IMAGES and DISCOGRAFY)
Also guys played very big tour in Italy (17 places) and support Dream Teather & Angra in Italy for 3 gigs(21-23 June) then participate at Metal Way Festival(14 August) a Gernika-Bilbao with big bands like Manowar and Saxon, Accept, Motorhead, WASP and more(KORN, RANNING WILD, Children Of Bodom, KREATOR, OBITUARY, SODOM, Primal Fear, Sonata Arctica, SENTENCE

From December 2003, with the tour begins the working to the new album foreseen for autumn 2004 year during which the band celebrate 10 years of career ! The new work will be a prosecution of the way begun with "Labyrinth" with songs of deep atmosphere united to tracks like Just Soldier, but with a bigger introspection. Taking part with good and dense ideas to the writing of the new tracks, Pier Gonella with the beginning of the year 2004 sees his figure enter the band as 6th official member.
"Labyrinth" album put the band on business one more time, with big support of Century Media for Europe and Usa, in Japan good sales with King Records and then in the month of May a fantastic Tour in Asia called "Banzai Tour" on this countries:
Japan –Tokyo,Osaka
Taiwan – Taipai, Taichun
China – Hong Kong, Beijing
Very good experience and great success specially in Japan.
After some gigs in Italy, Labyrinth played in Slovakia at More Then Fest 2004 with good bands like Lost Horizons, Destruction and Freedom Call.
On 9 December 2004 an important show in London at Underworld Cadmen together to Dream Evil and was a fantastic night full of true metal-atmosphere.
One week later Labyrinth signed a contract with label Arise records.
The clear and sharp recording of the new demo procures them three of the most important contracts of their career: Century Media Records for Europa and Americas, V2 for Italy and King Records for Japan. In January 2003 Labyrinth begins the recording for the new album which will be titled simply "Labyrinth", under the production of the band. It is recorded at Noise Factory in Milan (Italy), and it is mastered in the House of Audio in Germany, location that gives an incredible power to the album. In the meantime the problems with the old Italian label are smooth out.
Roberto Tiranti begins the musical The Ten Commandments, musical that will supplement his activity as Labyrinth singer until the beginning of the year 2004. The released of "Labyrinth" fixed for June the 30th , is postponed in Italy to July the 4th.
The following step to the release of the album was finding a good second guitarist for the concerts after “Labyrinth” release. The guys find in Pier Gonella old friend of Roberto and Andrea De Paoli the perfect union of speed and technique. The first show with Pier is the IX Agglutination Metal Festival in Chiaromonte (PZ), where Labyrinth would have been the 3rd band, before Vader and Virgin Steele.
Just after summer 2003, begins the preparation for the live show to support the new album. It will be a tour out of the usual standard, without a estimated end: The Maze On Tour 2003/04


The band organized on March 2002 a tour called Italian Attack on March the 15th , 16th and 23rd . A festival to which take part Domine, White Skull, Skylark,
Novembre and Centurion. The incredible participation of the people takes even higher the name Labyrinth, which sees in the close future the new chapter of its history.
The writing of the new tracks happens in the month of May of the same year and in the meantime Olaf Thorsen left the band to Vision Divine. While Mat Stancioiu(Mattia Stancioiu) and Andrew McPauls(Andrea De Paoli) left Vision Divine to dedicate themselves completely to Labyrinth.
In the month of July 2002 is published the first demo of the new Labyrinth’s album. Also band decided to use their Italian names as: Andrea Cantarelli(Anders Rain)-
guitar, Roberto Tiranti(Rob Tyrant)-vocals, Andrea De Paoli(Andrew McPauls)-key
boards, Cristiano Bertocchi(Chris Breeze)-bass, and Mattia Stancioiu(Mat Stancio
With a such response the band organizes an Italian tour first, in February 2001 with support band Sigma (ex Love Machine), and then a long European tour, supporting Helloween first and then with Nocturnal Rites supporting Iron Savior second.
After these festivals the band enters the recording studio again to release the new full-length LP "Sons Of Thunder". After this, as presentation for the new album, the band played at most important European festivals, like WACKEN 2000 and Rock Machina 2000 (Spain), having indescribable success.
As soon a released, at the end of August 2000, "Sons Of Thunder" sparkles, flying at number 52 of the Japanese chart and at the 26 of the Italians one. Such good results are recompensed with the request of make a tour in South America with Vision Divine and promotion was very good.
In the meanwhile Rob Tyrant(Roberto Tiranti) gets back to the band, replacing Morby and singing with Labyrinth in the most important European Heavy Metal festivals (Gods of Metal, Dynamo and more).

Shortly after the release of the new record the singer Rob Tyrant(Roberto Tiranti) left the band, being replaced by the lead singer Morby from Domine who leads Labyrinth throughout the whole European tour, in Europe as supporting act with Pegazus of the most popoular
bands Hammerfall and Primal Fear. After some months an Italian Tour with Heimdall
After a short break the group enters the recording studio to release the new Mini CD "Timeless Crime", containing new hits and old tracks from the first demotape "Midnight Resistance" to LPs "No Limits" and "Return to Heaven Denied".

Frank Andiver-drummer and Ken Taylor-keyboards player left the band and the new vocalist Rob Tyrant (Roberto Tiranti) also Mat Stancioiu (Mattia Stancioiu)-drummer and Andrew McPauls (Andrea De Paoli)-keyboards joined the band. In the meantime some of the most important big metal labels show a deep interest on the band's new demo and finally Metal Blade makes the best offer and the contract is signed! It takes six months to record the second album "Return To Heaven Denied" and before its release the band takes part to summer 1998's metal main event: "Gods of Metal", together with some of Heavy Metal biggest acts such as Blak Sabbath, Pantera, Helloween, Blind Guardian, Stratovarius. "Return To Heaven Denied" is a success among fans and metal magazines and it gives a strong impulse not only to the carrer of the band, but also to the whole Italian metal scene, that recognizes Labyrinth as the new sensation of the moment.
"No Limits" has released and the interest on the band gets higher and higher among metal kids and independent labels. The popularity of the band increases not only in the mother land and the rest of Europe, but also overseas (Japan, Korea, Brasil), where some labels (Teichiku for Japan) offer to deal the record out. The band stays in the metal magazine "Burrn!" top ten charts for almost six months.
Joe Terry(Fabio Tordiglione), the lead singer left the band, later on the frontman of Rhapsody.
The band managed to release first demo "Midnight Resistance", now it’s a cult-item among the fans. The demo got enthusiastic reviews on major metal magazines in Italy and Germany and that gives them the chance to sign with Underground Symphony, a new-born indie.
Andrea Bartoletti-bass left the band and Chris Breeze(Cristiano Bertocchi) joined the band.
It was the year of "Piece of Time", their first EP, that marks the direction the band is taking: pure melodic speed metal with a keyboards-background that fascinates the Italian and German underground metal scene. It was the first step for the release of a full-lenght LP.
The original line-up got together in 1991 Frank Andiver-drum, Andrea Bartoletti-bass guitar, Andrea Cantarelli-lead guitar, Carlo Andrea Magnani-lead guitar, Fabio Tordiglione-vocals, as it happens to all the successfull bands.
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