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"Lab˙rinth" Rock TV Report 23.06.2003

A return. A great return. This is what journalists found at the Labyrinth’s court, June 23rd 2003, for the presentation of the newcomer “Labyrinth”. Odd the location: the Jungle Sound, where the vituperated (from many, but not from us!) ‘Sons of Thunder’ was born. An album that, perhaps for the seeking of the “outcry at all costs”, of the famous producer and so on, had to suffer the worst thing: passing from hand to hand, until a result so far from what was expected: the majesty and the richness that such a concept had inside from the beginning.
But we are now in the year 2003. For Labyrinth the year of grace! And what the Italian label V2 organized with this presentation sounds like a fireproof for the six (again) bearer of the made in Italy Metal.
The occasion is the recording of the show Sala Prove for the Italian Rock TV (on the air July the 4th, day of the Labyrinth’s Italian released). It could seem a simple recording for the TV. Yes, if only we were not looking forward to listen to old and new tracks played with an improved energy, a power and a sound barrier that massacres you, that mixes your bones and positions them random.
But someone, in that warm day of beginning summer, would have chuckled in his beard seeing a feeble band, without the backbone that with “Return To Heaven Denied” brought high the Italian Metal. We don’t know who and we don’t want to know it.
It’s important that ‘Labyrinth’ is something unexpected in this period of Italian metal, during which the following of a trend just to sell makes lose sight of the target: the seeking of something far from the trends, something unforgettable, that will remain inside the hearts of many, like a feeling always searched but never found. This is ‘Labyrinth’.
The soundcheck prolongs because of the preparation for the recording and this increases the waiting lasting from 3 long years.
Here we are: go! A new “Slave to the night” to begin, passing through a violent “Just soldier (Stay down)” interposed by a calm (???) “Moonlight” and a reborn “Piece of Time”: These are just few of the tracks that in one hour of recording had the duty to confirm that the fading of Cantarelli and co. is far. Between jokes of a goliardic Tiranti and teasing of Bertocchi about the heat in the studio, the amusement was prevailing, but our guys did not back out when it was time to hurt!
Everyone’s attention was for the last arrived: “Pier”, he just introduced himself in this way.
Pier Gonella, this incredible Ligurian axeman (his city is Rapallo) is an old friend of Roberto and Mc. His technical control is over lines (in “Moonlight” he hushed up everybody) and what strikes of Pier is his clear style, without ostentations.
Then, a fresh buffet restores the spirit (and the stomachs) and prepares us to a relaxed press conference during which we are in front of a Labyrinth ready to satisfy the press curiosities. All kind of questions, sometimes obvious but allowed, like the meaning of an album without name, just “Labyrinth”. First we laugh at the ribald answer of Stancioiu “You don’t have to give a damn about it!” Then Roberto to clarify “It would have been granted take the title of a track of the album to give the title. This album is Labyrinth, Stop. Without half-measures! It’s exactly what we wanted to write and we wrote it! It’s like turning over the page, a new beginning…”
Impossible not to ask (the shy?) Pier what does he expect of his new band… “The experience will surely be positive. As soon as Mc called me, I accepted to play with the guys, also because I always loved their songs and their musical genre. Then I listened to the new album and I immediately noticed a great maturity: the sound was not conditioned by someone, but they went out straight off. The sound is really incredible and surely the next one will be also more personal!”
About Pier, Andrea Cantarelli says: “I immediately had a feeling with Pier for his way of playing. Many boys perhaps amaze for the technical but they have not the eighties feeling to which we are bond!”
Another interesting question is the one about the correlation between the cover made by Travis Smith and the tracks of the album. Mc takes the floor: ”More than a reference to each song of the album, the cover represents a new beginning: the flower represents a reborn and the suffering face represents the travail that brought us to the conceiving of the album!” (…)

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