Riding the satellite…


Another step of the Labyrinth’s promotion.
21st July, in a sunny and hot Milan, five members of the Maze and the omnipresent manager Fabrizio Giruzzi had to shuttle from the studios of Rock FM and the ones of Rock TV.
Unfortunately Roberto could not be there for the usual engagements with the musical.
At Rock FM Mattia and Andrea took the floor, giving explanations to Marco Garavelli, well-prepared as usual about arguments to speak of: in less than half an hour “Labyrinth” was laid bare and proposed to the listeners through its most representative episodes.
A quick moving to the north of Milan, a frugal meal and it was 3 p.m. o’clock, time of the live on Database, broadcast of Rock TV, in which the artists have the possibility to speak free-wheel, without a talkshowman.
In the time at Labyrinth’s disposal, phone calling, e-mail about the most different arguments: live projects, the leaving of Olaf, the T-Shirt of Mattia and so on. Between the callings received, we want to mark the one of Andrea Martongelli, of the Veneto power act Arthemis.
And so, from the hall of direction, with a look at the Tour De France and one to an amused and not at all embarrassed Pier Gonella, the two hours of live flied. Only the time to say good-bye and then straight to the station looking for the last train towards home. Our guys will meet again during the first weekend of August for the rehearsal for the Agglutination Metal Festival.
As anticipated in few days the interview to Pier Gonella will be online: an exclusive for Labyrinthmusic.it !
Stay tuned….

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