Without curb the creativity, without curb the will to make a exciting show in the citie of their fans, without troubling, Labyrinth are in the middle of their artistic life. The Italian tour has started and in Senigallia (AN) we could not resist to the temptation to ask Cristiano Bertocchi how the things will evolve in the next months for a band that in 2004 will reach the 10th year of activity…


As anticipated by Andrea Cantarelli, this will not be a real tour with a estimated end: Can you tell us something more, now that the first Italian venues are working out?


“I can make a clear speech. Until now we have made six dates and we are at the beginning of the tour 2003/04: we have started a little late with our agency and we have decided to divide into 3 tranches our tournee. The first one is the one until 20th December, then we will pass to January-February with the Japanese venues and finally other venues in permanent way. In Italy we expect to make some other date in the North, then centre-south and perhaps also islands: it will depend because of the promoters. Now we prefer concentrate on these first dates…we are also writing new tracks: we hope to record a demo in March-April, coinciding the promotional tour with the recording sessions.” 


You told you started late: some particular event’s fault?


“No one fault: simply in this period is not easy to organize a metal tour in Italy, because the business get low and it is difficult to find good situations. If you manage, you can find many occasions, but we think to be a professional band, so we have to find professional situations, not easy to organize. This is why Bloom, that with Live is the most valid agency, worked very hard with us, even if they have to do with genres easier to settle, ska, punk and so on…at the end managed to find good places and for the future they asked us more time to organize other dates.”


There are many requests of the fans for beyond the Alps and overseas tour…


“We are now deciding what is right to do before….Japan, except from Italy, has the priority. Once settled these priorities, our labels and our manager will work to do some shows in Europe:  Century Media is a big name and can work very well. Summer festivals are already foreseen and a person is already thinking about this…It is sure that we will do some show in Europe, in Germany, Spain and perhaps England. Overseas is another thing, because there all is suspended…we have talked just about a possible tour in  South America.”


What can you say about the new album? I ask that because of your continuous post on the Blackboard and that refer to new tracks ready…


“Yes, new tracks are coming out…we have four tracks, even if not completed: I tell this because every time we take them in hand, there are new ideas that enrich them. Simply we try to do the maximum in each arrangement and so each strophe has to convey at 100%!!”


You said that the new demo will be ready for next spring. When do you think the new album will be released?


“If everything will be good I could say the period of June 2004. But the problem is that is just an optimistic opinion, it is difficult to say…I could say that we will have short time, also because “Labyrinth” let us set out again and we wish to release the new album soon to demonstrate that this is just the beginning of our new life! Our labels understood that there was a change in our style and they believe in us: everyone knows that we are back, willing to do the best!”


I would like to say that this afternoon from a chat with Pier and Andrea (Cantarelli) Pier is supposed to be the creator of some riffs in the new tracks: very good for an “official live axeman”…


“We all have established that the feeling with him is big, both like person and like live musician and like composer, so I can say that Pier will be the sixth Labyrinth member.”


So soon there will be the “official investiture” of Pier as second guitar player of the band?


“Surely, also because we had such a good feeling with him on stage and during the trial, that it could not go in a different way! We have changed our mind about a live guitarist: with Pier is going well at 360°!”


Again about the new work…will you keep the same thoughts of produce totally the album and then spread it in the world, after many considerations of the labels’ offers?


“Surely…even if with the Century Media the terms are very clear, they want to see how “Labyrinth” will be on market, then the contract could be modified in the future. Even if we are a band with a good reputation, labels need the numbers: in the world of the music it goes in this way. We have to demonstrate how much we are valid…it is needed to move bigger situations in the future. We have been missing a new releasing for the last 3 years!”


Have you got some selling statistics?


“We should be at 25000 copies worldwide. This is not a precise data, we have to wait six months to have certain ones…”


We don’t have to consider Internet, because “Labyrinth” seems to be one of the most downloaded Italian metal album…


“Unfortunately Internet cannot be stopped, even if it is more difficult to find our tracks than the ones of Iron Maiden… the download is a problem for us all: but in our “little” we are less damaged than the big names.”


Year 2004 will be your 10th anniversary: do you think to organize something to celebrate it?


 “Eh eh…we haven’t decided yet but surely we will do something, seen the importance of the event! I am saying you my personal idea, it could be cool organize some shows and make a minitour for the occasion, with the right advertising and a setlist with many many tracks…unfortunately nothing is decided, but it would be cool make it!!!”


Concerts, future projects…we cannot miss the project about the live album that has remained parked: what can you tell us about?


“You chose the right word: it remained parked for the moment, because it could not be released in the way it was. We have decided to think and understand how we have to act…in the past we made many things and often not like we expected, now we want to do less things but better! I was telling you that we have to think about the live album, I mean, about how release it: perhaps new tracks, demos, something that gain the interest of people and that urge them to buy it.”


We can understand that this “neverending tour” goes on to the last and you say also that it could coincide with the released of the new album, becoming really an endless tour…

“Surely, but also here we have to think in what way we have to move…paradoxically it could be worth-while to concentrate on the new album, instead to promote “Labyrinth”. And it is better to concentrate on aimed and important dates, instead to play everywhere and in every condition.. For example, in Germany the most important places for metal listeners are Hamburg and Stuttgart. So it is useless to play in cities like Bochum, where we know that we will not find many people that follow metal. Better to concentrate on worthy situations…and surely on the new album!