ANDREA'S "Words"


Soon the new Labyrinth album will be release and we could not missed the occasion to have a chat with the one who sees and knows everything: Andrea Cantarelli.
Italy is notoriously known to be the land of the sun, of the Mafia, of spaghetti, of lovers and of comedians (Totò docet).
Now, Andrea is pale (but sometimes he goes to the seaside), he is not a member of the Mafia, he likes Tordelli and his girlfriend wants to escape with an aboriginal. The last one remains.
And inside our ‘tarelli has always been a comedian: but never in this way! Perhaps we would have had to tell him that this e-mail interview should have been SERIOUS !! But we thought: In the next months we will read so many “serious” interview with the “usual answers”.
So, beer in a hand and bread with sausage in the other one, we enter into ‘Labyrinth’: a wild exclusive for !
(by the way, the delirium begins after the third question).

Approximately 10 days to 30 June: a countdown which began 3 years ago, between several problems…Can you make the point about what happened during these years?

Sincerely it seems a lifetime…it happened everything possible. We were very confused after the promotion of Sons Of Thunder. We expected so many things but it went not in this way. We were jumbled: problems with the labels, personal problems, we were not able to assimilate what was happening. Luckily with many sacrifices, never left alone, with the help of people close to us, we went trough, making again a group more in harmony if possible.

The realisation of the Labyrinth material has come suddenly after Olaf leaving: was the leaving of the axeman a “blessing” for the band?

I would not say blessing: it sounds really mean. The reality is that our music is passion, a free play, something visceral and spontaneous, never too thought or forced by music business or other things. Writing music in this way needs understanding and trust in each other. Unluckily in the last times something in the band did not work. Surely it is no one faults. Simply it happened. I can tell you that I regret and that I still think to Carlo as a friend.

Thinking to the Labyrinth period with Olaf, what is the thing you will remember with more pleasure in the future years?

So many things. I enjoyed very good moments with Carlo and I thank him. What I prefer to remember is having tried to destroy Cristiano’s car punching it.

In the last months you told me that – as band- you gave carte blanche to Travis Smith for the making of the cover. Many people in the mail received by ask about the correlation between the “collage” on the cover and the music. Can you shed light upon it?

Give me a lamp…

You came back to your real names…

Yes, it’s impossible to take you in! I’m proud of my name. I was sick to be called Anders Rain. And this is also for the other of the band. (p.s. not everyone in the band was called Anders Rain obviously!)

In the new work there are musical lines very far from the power metal cliché that many people go on to stitch you on: what can you tell about it?

That they are not good tailor…Labyrinth during these years demonstrated to be able to do very different music from song to song. If people want to see us like the authors of “Moonlight” and “Thunder”, they are free to do it.

Incredible than the place that the keys of Mc have on the album: really full duel with your guitar...

Yes, I’m very happy for the work done by Mc. Sincerely in the band we all write music in freedom. This year Andrea really made a good work. (truly he broke our balls, eh! Eh!).

A production made completely by Labyrinth: any intrusion of outside worker?

A certain Marco slip in into the studio trying to make us an interview (…just me and Cristiano will understand this joke)

I ask you now a song by song…

Damn! Berna, you are really a nuisance when you want it! Well, let’s start…

The Prophet: the closest track to the last Labyrinth production, the connecting link with the new material.
Livin’ in a Maze: the summary of our history. The riff is easy and direct. One of my favourite tracks.
This World: a little bit different than the usual (the Crodino) (“sick” reference to the spot of an Italian aperitif; ndA) Amusing to be played and also to be listened, I hope. One of my favourite tracks.
Stay Down: finally a fast track which sounds also a bit evil. At last! One of my favourite tracks.
Neverending Rest: we like playing something more refined and this song is the example. I find it very stirring. One of my favourite tracks.
Terzinato: another track closer to the trash standard than to the power ones. The central part is a delirium. One of my favourite tracks.
Slave To The Night:
classical metal song. Amusing and immediate. One of my favourite tracks.
Synthetic Paradise: another track close to the Return sound. The refrain cleave. One of my favourite tracks.
When I Will Fly Far: not the usual ballad. Great Mc’s work, as much the one of the band. One of my favourite tracks.
(He forgot ‘Hand In Hand’: one of my favourit tracks! I will ask it in the next interview, if I will do him another one!! However Andrea is not my favourite guitar player ; ndA)

For how many album you will be bond to Century Media, V2 and King Records?

I don’t know, but surely we will bring a lawsuit against them.

Just few words for the work made till now by your new manager Fabrizio Giruzzi…

Without him we would have been lost somewhere in South America. He is the reference point, we owe him so much (about 5 Euro). Thanks, really.

Do you think the live recorded during the Italian attack 2002 will be released soon?

Surely, it can be. Sincerely I don’t know. Next year it will be out. Perhaps before, but maybe then. But I don’t think it would be a good idea. Surely it will be wonderful to make it: it would be a very good idea!

A dense engagement for Roberto, divided into two parallel careers: Labyrinth and the musical ‘The Ten Commandments’. Do you think Roberto will be able to manage both things?

Surely, or we will kill him (sound of jew’s harp). Seriously, I am sure he will be able. Roby is first of all a professional man and I am very happy for the occasion he had. I wish him to become like Ramazzotti but without sinusitis and writing decent songs. And he told me he care about his life…

During these weeks rage the test for the new guitarist: how stands the audition ?

Right now they are still, also because I am writing the interview.

What do you search in your future partner guitarist?

The right feeling, or a girl totally incompetent but with a wonderful body and if possible a nice face. Sincerely it is the same thing, you can choose.

The fans are waiting for THE tour: the Agglutination of the 9th August seems to be the only one date confirmed for the summer. What do you think at to support the CD?

Just a CD wallet. It is very handy and cheap.

Will there be a “set designing” for Labyrinth on stage 2003?

Yes, surely. Mattia is thinking about it, he is the true graphic of the band disguised as drummer. Probably we will respect the atmosphere of the artwork.

In the thanks of the booklet you dedicate “Labyrinth” to your mother. After a(recent) period during which he has not been, is Andrea serene now?

I have always been serene. Surely it is a wound which will never heal up, a pain which I am getting accustomed to live with. But it is what I want: missing everyday a person I really loved. The pain is the umbilical cord sewn again after has been torn out 29 years ago. I need it.

The genie told me you have 3 wishes to express…

1) Gain a desert island where go living. Few visits sometimes, but good.
2) Buy a desert island where go living thanks to Labyrinth. Few visits sometimes, but good.
3) Santa Claus gives me a desert island where go living. Few visits sometimes, but good.

Who is going to win the F1 championship?

I think as usual Alvaro Vitali (for the foreign fans : Jean Todt closely resembles an Italian comedians; ndA) and his faithful Kraut (alias Schumi; ndA). What a sorrow… asks you the classical last word for the descendants…

Berna…are you bringing bad luck ???

Noooo!!! Ehm, Andrea, the neuro is coming…go, be quiet, these men will help you to heal!! Bye and be good….
(I think now we need TWO new guitarists…sigh!)