The Agglutination Metal Festival is the occasion for the south Italian fans to be delighted by the best of the Italian and international metal scene, but for us poor “Nordic” is the most far place, far from Milan or Rome, far away from everything. Clinged to an hill in Basilicata, Chiaromonte sees the dream of a boy who made of heavy metal his reason for existence and his name is Gerardo Cafaro. He brought to his village respectful bands like Overkill, Destruction and many others, all for those boys who have not the chance to take part to the North Italian festivals.
For S:O:T Staff was not so easy reach Chiaromonte, but after 15 hours of travelling because of the traffic and of a bus driver who did not know the meaning of the words “road safety”, just a shower and a doze restored our stiff bodies!
There was a relaxed background in the backstage of the Agglutination and for someone seemed strange seeing Labyrinth, after the last period of their career: Roberto will answer them from the stage some hours later. Noon goes on between a beer and a chat with DeFeis (headline act of the festival with his Virgin Steele), who talked with pleasure about when in Spain at the Rock Machina share the stage with Labyrinth.
Last minute news: Vader – due problems with the airplanes - will not take part to the Agglutination, so Labyrinth and Virgin Steele will close the day of rock ‘n’ roll and heavy metal, during which played respectful Italian bands like BeholderFire Trails (where ¾ of Vanadium play) and Theatres Des Vampires.

The fervour is at the top when the name we have been awaiting for hours is announced: LABYRINTH!
An intro taken from an horror film with scream and so on precedes a shot like “The Prophet”! The band goes on stage and the havoc begins: violence, energy that in stead of lessen in these months of awaiting, is increased by the fans jumping and inciting their favourite band.
This is surely a settling-in show, to prepare a machine that from autumn will massacre the world: Mattia destroys his drum, Cristiano follows him with his bass, making a rhythmic section in “Livin’ In a Maze” and “Just Soldier” that makes fade the greatest names of the world-star system. MC is really inspired, he creates atmosphere which bring you to the romantic dreams of “Lady Lost in Time” to the prog of “Hand in Hand”. But the eyes were all on Him: Pier Gonella (don’t miss his interview). He surprised in “Moonlight”, he scared in “Chapter 1”, he THRILLED in “Thunder”. But in the backstage he told did not want to play just solos “copy”, he wanted to give his personal touch which would have struck for his freshness of execution. We think he really did it!
Another important point was the exhibition of Andrea Cantarelli, at ease between new and old songs, but also amused during the invasion of the stage by a fan.  We cannot forget Roberto, with an interpretation near to the perfection: months of training for his voice in the musical The Ten Commandments increased the power of the greatest Italian metal singer. And after “Livin’ In a Maze” Roby says: “We have been away from the scene for time and many talked tripe on us, telling we were finished, disappeared and just because one of the band left they told we were us no more: well, I say KISS OUR ASS ! We are still here!” And we think that with these words he gave voice to our thoughts!
As said, some corners have to be rounded off , and surely the ninth edition of the Agglutination has been a trial for a band with a new spirit and with an energy that many thought lost. Perhaps the keystone of the night has been the Labyrinth’s will to go on stage and play, HAVING FUN, like in a party.
A party for a great return!
A day not very easy for us, because of the few hours of sleep, but the satisfaction of have seen Labyrinth again on stage was big and after a little rest in hotel it is time to go back home, thanks to Max Poloni, driver second to none for his resistance!
A particular thanks goes to the organisation of the Agglutination: to Gerardo Cafaro for his infinite disposability, to the boys of the security, to the crew and to the metal people from South Italy !!!


The Prophet
Livin’ In A Maze
This Worl
Chapter 1
Piece Of Time
Just Soldier
Lady Lost In Time
Hand In Hand
Slave To The Night

Report and Photos: