Serrà Ricco (GE), 23.04.04

Crazy people, crazy show! Labyrinth want to thanx you all, Ligurian Mazers for this unbelievable sold-out concert in Serra Riccò (GE).
Best Labs song ever, from the latest 'Synthetic Paradise' or 'Just Soldier' to the war horses like 'New Horizons', 'Piece Of Time', 'Lady Lost In Time' or 'Kathryn', the band hit audience with a unexpected Deep Purple's encore as 'Highway Star'!!!

At last, big thanx goes to all the New Bulldog Pub staff (Giorgione and Tony overall!!!) for the incredible kindness demonstrated to the band and to S:O:T Staff, to "mighty bodyguards" Lamyrinth, Angelo 'The Fan' Berilli and Sergio Brelis, the huge merchandise people: Lemmax and Ale Poloni, Barbara Capetta, to Shadow Of Steel (hail Wild Steel!), and obviously thanx to all who we've forgotten (please, forgive us! :))) !!!

Take care!
S:O:T Staff