Live in Orzinuovi (BS), 12.12.03 – Gualtieri (RE), 13.12.03


After the two first warm-up dates in Senigallia (AN) and Zingonia (BG), we can say that The maze on Tour 2003/04 is in the middle of its course. The first “two days” begins with the support of me and Simone Di Mauro, last purchase of, for the flash.

An exhausting travel on the Mi-Ve brings the duo to the Buddha Rock Café in Orzinuovi (Bs) where the band is already making the sound check and we meet another member of the Staff, the mythical Andrea “Lamyrinth”. After a quick dinner, we wait the show time, among remark in the backstage about the new look of our De Paoli – more and more Savona Dream Man - and opinions about the new tracks of the band (already 8 songs).

The crowd to the hall is not very high, perhaps because of a not shrewd promotion, but the people there make themselves felt since the Terminator-Intro, that lead as always to “Synthetic Paradise”…The stage is spacious and the six find the right dimension to explode mines like “Moonlight”, “The Prophet” and the killer duo “Chapter I”-“Just Soldier”. Only change to the setlist of the beginning of the tour is the inversion of “Lady Lost In Time” and “Slave To The Night”, this one has been one of the most explosive episodes of the show.

But this seems just a sample of the tornado that would have broken the following day on Gualtieri (RE). After have tried to regain the good form, we open into the Milan-Bologna to reach the city of the today’s venue. Seeing the Tempo Rock we immediately notice the imposingness of the local, subdivided into several halls, with a total capacity of 3000 people: the hall where the show will take place has a capacity of 2000 people!

The dinner in a near restaurant will have as highlight the simil-strip of Sabrina Ferilli on an Italian network, which took the attention of our table and not only… then the labyrinthical group returns to the disco, ready to put to fire and sword the Tempo. At 23.30 o’ clock the dances start with a Tiranti with a perfect voice and that in “Moonlight” reaches the climax.

As the songs pass by, the people – that full the hall- is a crescendo of enthusiasm and participation: but…the double of Mattia is in the first rows! A fan like him is not so frequent…the band is astonished  when the unknown goes on stage and continues the show at the drums!

And the real Mattia? Someone tells that he was at the bar drinking a cappuccino with the double of Andrea Cantarelli…as a matter of fact the double of Mattia plays better then him!!!

Like a sword, the show goes right to “hand In Hand” and the anthem “Thunder”. Some boys of the public can’t resist and go on stage to greet the band and to have a memory of the night, a plectra or a stick of the drum kit of the Mr.Stancioiu’s double!


The event in Gualtieri (RE) has also offered a chance to promote THE CAMPAIGN OF CAUTION ON THE ROAD. Roberto has sensibilized all the people attending the event about the matter of high speed and drunk drive on the way back from discoes and pubs, which causes a lot of casualties every year. Remember: YOU HAVE JUST ONE LIFE !!!


These are nights that remain inside and that with the time become wonderful memories.

As always the final thanks to the ones that help the S.O.T. to do its work: the management of the band (you know who you are!) and the staff of the locals, in this case of Buddha Rock Café and of Tempo Rock.

See you somewhere in time…


Synthetic Paradise
Livin’ In A Maze
The Prophet
Neverending Rest
Chapter I

Just Soldier (Stay Down)
Lady Lost In Time
Slave To The Night
This World
New Horizons
Piece Of Time
Hand In Hand


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