24th june 2003

Breaking news: Labyrinth has a new live axeman  !!!

The new guy of the Maze is Pier Gonella, talented axeman from Rapallo, Italy. Labyrinth has chosen him for his technique and his extreme versatility to every kind of music.
For the moment he will be the six Labyrinth’s member for live acts only.
Saturday June the 21st the  and sunday June the 22nd, the first rehearses for the next live venues, where the guys played with Pier many tracks from their past to the new album.
Some titles from the setlist? Here they are: ‘Terzinato’, ‘Just Soldier (Stay Down)’, ‘Moonlight’, ‘Lady Lost In Time’, ‘Livin’ In A Maze’, ‘Synthetic Paradise’, ‘ New Horizons’, ‘In The Shade’, ‘Neverending Rest’ and ‘Piece Of Time’.
Soon an exclusive interview with Pier to know him better!
For any questions, you can write him to his new email address:
And now, REALLY, we can say to you : THAT’S ALL FOLKS (for the moment) !!
See u soon… next week!!

22th june 2003

Here’s the last update of the “first phase” of Labyrinthmusic.it ‘s life.
On June the 27th will begin a three day countdown to the definitive version of the
2003-04 Labyrinth’s Official Home.
Yes, ‘cuz at the end of 2004 our Homepage will be changed again to become a real
Portal Of The Maze with many services, new Laby-stuff and overall a window open to the Italian Heavy Metal reality , reality often forgotten by the most important magazines worldwide. 
But for the moment, enjoy the last update, with an exclusive interview (???) to Andrea Cantarelli and a mini photo-report of our journey to the Maiden’s court in Imola, on last weekend… So, it was nice to know you all (sigh..): we’ll see to the other side… ON JUNE THE 30th !!!

S:O:T Staff

12th june 2003

Back to satellite !
As one year and half ago, Labyrinth will be on ROCK TV again, to present the new album LIVE in the 'Sala Prove' program !
So, on July the 4th (italian street date) don't forget to check the Maze on ROCK TV !!!
For every info click www.rockweb.it

11th june 2003

Labyrinthmusic.it exclusive !!!
All the steps to the Labyrinth's long awaited newcomer: a detailed photo report collected in these months ! Enter in the Factory of the Maze ...click here

9th june 2003

Breaking News: The official IX Agglutination Festival bill ...click here

8th june 2003

Great news for ITALIAN fans! Official Labyrinth's street date on V2 Records: July the 4th !!!
For other territories is confirmed June the 30th. Keep on Maze...

th june 2003

As you know, the wait is almost over !

In this days you’ve found on Labyrinthmusic.it many exclusive previews: from the fantastic Travis Smith's new cover
to The Prophet’s mp3 (over 1 minute and half you can download!), the first
of these phenomenal tracks:

01. The Prophet (4:46)
02. Livin' In A Maze (4:37)
03. This World (4:55)
04. Just Soldier [Stay Down] (5:26)
05. Neverending Rest (4:54)
06. Terzinato (5:49)
07. Slave To The Night (6:06)
08. Synthetic Paradise (5:48)
09. Hand In Hand (4:26)
10. When I Will Fly Far (5:16)

Waiting for the new album’s release,  here below you can read the ‘Labyritnh’ s day by day recording sessions .
Made at the Noise Factory Studios (www.noisefactory.it) in Milan (I), for ‘Labyrinth’ the band availed of the professionalism of a sound engineer like Giovanni Spinotti (), who has between his international collaboration, the one with Bob Clairmountain (Bruce Springsteen). Giovanni was assisted by a talelented guy as William Novati. A choice which gave to the whole work an airy, open structure, not bond to  foreseen cliché, even not renouncing to a market musical aggressiveness, predominant part in the new comer of Labyrinth’s factory.


Jan. 15thAssembling drums + sounds + midi
Jan. 16thDrums
Jan. 17thDrums
Jan. 18th to Jan. 23rdRhythm guitars & sounds

Jan. 24thBass + sounds
Jan. 25thBass
Jan. 26th - Bass
Jan. 27th –  Keyboards + sounds
Jan. 28th –  Keyboards
Jan. 29th –  Keyboards + Editing (Fade In & Out)
Jan. 30th –  Vocals + Keyboards + Editing
Jan. 31st –  Editing
Feb. 1st –  Vocals + Editing
Feb. 2nd –  Guitar solos
Feb. 3rd –  Guitar solos
Feb. 4thMix
Feb. 5thMix
Feb. 6thVocals
Feb. 7thMix
Feb. 8thMix
Feb. 9thDay Off
Feb. 10th –  Guitar Solos + Mix
Feb. 11thMix
Feb. 12thVocals + Mix
Feb. 13thMix
Feb. 14thMix
Feb. 15thMix
Feb. 16thMix

To complete the album, a meticulous mastering made February the 27th at the House Of Audio (www.houseofaudio.de), Karlsdorf, Germany, by the drummer Mattia Stancioiu, Giovanni Spinotti, and the german sound engineer Jurgen Lusky.

In the next days a detailed photo report of the new album’s birth: from pre-production (July 2002) to the recording sessions. An exclusive of Labyrinthmusic.it
Stay tuned guyz…

S:O:T Staff