A title that can resume the two dates in Milan and Bassano del Grappa (VI).
In the most famous crypt of
Milan took place a show – as usual very good – but with a not very high participation of the people. A critic could be made to the promoter of the first part of the Maze on Tour, who put 3 dates in a row in Lombardy in the time of a month, but we don’t want to make useless critics: tha’s ancient history.
The organization at the Transilvania Live has been practically perfect, with a Gae “Piovra” over the top, which tried to help a band really wanted from the staff of the gloomy pub. After soundcheck and usual waiting, at 11 p.m. begins the concert: the red curtain opens and in a fog that fits well with the skeletal branches on stage, the band appears and face the an hour and half with verve.
The setlist is already known and on the carpet of the stage we haven’t noticed signs of collapse or approximation playing the tracks: A Labyrinth on average with its performance… simply very good!
At last a coming home in a “human” time, where I shared my home with the webmaster Claudio Dal Bello and the wife Erika, fellows in this 2-days Lombard-Veneto. 
The following day an easy-going leaving brings us after 2 hour and half to Bassano Del Grappa  where will take place one of the most intense and deep dates of the tour! La Gabbia ( the cage), this the name of the disco, is not the usual dispersive club that loses the charge of the band: a quiet club, that will be soon full and the will have an audience totally crazy!
Who writes will have to do with a uncomfortable situation to document photographically the night, but reporter’s life is not always comfortable. In front of the pedalier of Andrea C.I feel flying over my (bald) head Roberto Tiranti (coming from the front of the stage), at the beginning of “Synthetic…”. The six are at their place, the sound barrier can be built: come ”Livin’ in a Maze”, “Just Soldier”, “New Horizon” and the ”not very slow” “Neverending Rest”.
There is places not just for metal today, replying and also amplifying the sketch of Reggio Emilia: Tiranti improvise drummer and the 2 axemen play circus music. The all ends with a brotherly embrace of Roberto and Mattia (his double?).
These are Labyrinth: a band unable to take itself seriously, also with a De Paoli with ice-eyes. Genuineness, will to laugh with the fans, Gratifying them with cheerfulness and hot metal…this seems the ideal cure for a band that for the first time will celebrate New Year’s Day with the guys that follow them affectionately.
A deserved rest, after a coming home more later than the night before, find as reference point Claudio’s home. The following day Claudio and I work to the new mainpage to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the band.
The foreseen putting on line? Approximately half of January! We wait for your comments…J

Report and Photos: