LABYRINTH Live in Senigallia (AN) 31.10.2003


I don’t wish a travel to the Marches with a “wonderful” flu not even to my worst enemy, but at 11 a.m. of Halloween we are driving under a true downpour and the destination seems even farther. Aspirins are already inside the bloodstream, headache and cold don’t decrease and not even a piece of pizza along the road can remedy.

At 4 p.m. we reach Mamamia, while the Rock TV Staff (organizer of the event) is preparing the stage for the show. Soon Roberto arrives with his girlfriend: he will be the cabaret-highlight of the venue. At 5.30 p.m. also the other Mazers arrive with the omnipresent manager Fabrizio Giruzzi… and suddenly the Tv troupe stops them. They will be also interviewed on stage during a pause of the sound-check and in the back stage, where the word “Maze” has been the essence of most part of the interview.

After the corroborant supper, we have to wait the beginning of the show, fixed for 11 p.m. Four are the bands, among them the roman Novembre, already fellows last year during the last Italian Attack. Someone sleep inside the van (Cristiano and me) and other ones roam around.

At 1 a.m. Terminator’s theme burst between the screams of the share, perfectly bond to the beginning of ‘Synthetic Paradise’. The song explodes violently and from a blue-night mantel Roberto Tiranti appears: in this show he will be inhuman. In spite of a cold, the voice is harsh and well integrated to the rest of the band, like a wall in front of a hall full of fans and not. It is nice to stop on this “not”, because many people was at Mamamia for the Halloween’s party in the other hall of the disco; perhaps attracted by the energy of the Labyrinth’s performance, many came to the main room, raped from the music of the six forerunner of the Italian Metal. ‘Livin’ In A Maze’ is the next one and ‘Moonlight’ will be as always the most beloved anthem of their set.

Pier shows an extraordinary skill, giving freshness and persistence to songs from the past, like ‘Lady Lost in Time’ or ‘Thunder’; the integration of this boy, both musically and under human aspects, is a good sign. You will hear in an exclusive interview to Cristiano Bertocchi the reasons of this personal conviction.

During the 40 minutes of the show for Rock TV, there is time also for ‘Just Soldier’ and for the inhuman exhibition of Mattia, and for the 70’s-like flavour of ‘This World’, so dear to Andrea Cantarelli, who denoted nor a little bending during the whole concert. Also Mc’s health, due to the flu’s virus, seems to benefit from this live exhibition, during which he gave the harmonies that make unique the show of the six Mazers.

It was pitch-black when all is ready on the Laby-van and I can lay my tired limbs on a soft bed. Next stop, November the 7th in Zingonia: we’ll see you there !!!

Finally a special thanks to the management of the band, to Fabrizio Giruzzi for his kindness, and to Petrus of Italian Dreamers for the nice present to S.O.T. Staff ! 

In the pics, some of the shots of this full day.


Synthetic Paradise
Livin’ In A Maze
Lady Lost In Time
Just Soldier (Stay Down)
This World

Report and Photos: