JUMP INTO THE STUDIOS! A little bit of the (new) Maze…


Wonderful minds: they are Labyrinth 2004! During the pleasant and fresh summer Labyrinth aren’t going on holidays, but they’re working hard into Elnor Studios Mattia Stanciou’s to make the new record.
What you are reading now, is just a shire of the report that will be published in september, about the new album. We’ve just contacted Cristiano and we have asked him a few questions about that..

So, Cri, you’re coming to the end of the recording of the new Lab’s work. You’re living the most creative and fertile period of your career…

“We are living a completely rewading experience!! We would like to evolve ourselves in a natural way, without following peculiar and modern trends. Our songs mean our personalitics, so different, but at the same time, so similar, which make up a sort of musical alchemy. There are some mid tempos episodes where our instruments comes together to give groove and a dynamic sound to the other songs. There are also songs, where it come out our most aggressive and speedy side… but not only: many melodic parts are here in this album, ‘cause melodia is a really important component of the album 2004!! “

You promised that ‘Labyrinth’ was only the first chapter of your evolution and you kept it! Now, with the forthcoming new album, what’s happen?

“Our fan recognize in this phase our personal mark too, but they’ll be able to listen to the hidden side of Labyrinth…. This album means so much for us, and then we are a close team boys like we have never been before !!”

Waiting for the complete report ‘bout recordings (exclusive pics, song-by-song and more) will issue in September, can you give us few news about Labs ecordings in the studios?

“Everything is all right, we have completed all the drums parts, guitars and we are goin’ to record vocals, bass and Mc’s keyboards. We’re recording our album at the Elnor Studios of which Mattia is the owner and for this year too, Giovanni Spinotti will be the sound engineer. He worked with important artist like Alanis Morrisette and he’ll drive us across this new adventure ! The album has inside 9 tracks and it will be released in January/February 2005.. temporary name of the album is ’Free Man’.
I wanna say bye-bye to our fans and see you as soon as possible with more news!!!”

Pictures: Labyrinth
Translation: Nicks