LABYRINTH Live in Zingonia (BG) 07.11.2003


This second lap of the first Labyrinth mini tour in Zingonia (BG) confirms more and more the greatness of our guys during their live show: power, technique, harmony and feeling with the share are qualities that the band breaths from every pore!
The night begins with an intro that sees the band going on stage with 'Synthetic Paradise': in our opinion it wouldn't be better track to begin and to involve the share…"rise your voice 'n' sing with me…and people sing!!
They go on with Livin' in a Maze' and 'Moonlight': this last track is now a real masterpiece of the band and it ends, as always, with Roberto who sings falsetto and demonstrates the dazzling form of our singer! With 'Kathryn' our men jump to Sons Of Thunder to throw themselves back in an strong 'The Prophet'. The ivory keys of Andrea introduce the sweet notes of 'Neverending Rest': moment that is the prelude to 'Chapter 1' and to the following 'Just Soldier (Stay Down)', real power that send into raptures all the present ones!
Going on with the last album, 'Slave To The Night' confirms the good form of Roberto (even if it was not needed!) and the great feeling of all the band. Step back to Return to Heaven Denied with 'Lady Lost In Time' and 'New Horizons', which exalt the talent of Andrea and Pier (this last technically is in no way inferior to anyone!); between this two tracks there is place for Cristiano's bass guitar that introduce ourselves to the Purple-like 'This World'. We are almost at the end of this night when Labyrinth propose an old classic that people sing loud: 'Piece of Time'.
The powerful and precise Mattia's drums introduce 'Hand in Hand' and the night ends with the mythical 'Thunder', requested in a loud voice from the share!
At the end our men sign and take pictures with the fans: it is the umpteenth demonstration that the band enjoys appreciations more and more wide and gratifying. The only little regret has been not to see Mc playing portable keyboard because of a technical damage: what a pity, but we will wait for the next time!
In conclusion: great proof of the band that make us hope that December the 12th arrive soon, to see them again live in Orzinuovi (BS). ...ALWAYS LIVIN' IN A MAZE!!


Synthetic Paradise
Livin’ In A Maze
The Prophet
Neverending Rest
Chapter I

Just Soldier (Stay Down)
Slave To The Night
Lady Lost In Time
This World
New Horizons
Piece Of Time
Hand In Hand


Report : -  Angelo "The Fan" Berilli