The prophet

It was a nite dark ‘n’ cold
Same old situation on the streets
No one was thinkin’ ‘bout what should become
When a strange man started to say
Sinners you are you’ve got no shame for
The evil you’ve done Lord sweep away this modern Sodom
Save our souls
Cries in downtown The Ground is shakin’
End is near blindin’ fear Cries in downtown
No way to run Thy will is done
Eyes full of dread ‘roundthat man
The prophet continued his warning
But in between blades of fire From the clouds
Burn everything that he said
Sinners you are now you will pay for The evil you’ve done
Lord sweep away this modern Sodom
Save our soul

Livin’ In A Maze

Through the years good ‘n’ bad times we’ve walked
Lookin’ for a dream that someone stole away
Where is the right way to get out of this maze?
Someone is lost inside it but we won’t forget

Everything we had before
Seems to be so far away now there’s no anger in our hearts
Just the will to make it better We are on the run again !

No pain livin’ in a maze Our fate we face
Always livin’ in a maze This time we won’t loose the race

How many blind alleys we found along the road
But now is the time to reach the out let soon

This World

Too blind to see the truth
Too dumb to remember
What we learned from a past still so near
We forget so easily
Bad winds are blowin’ on our peace
Dark wings have bought us to insanity
Is this the time to say our prayers?

Is this the time to take our blames ?
We need just as a language Whitout words or symbols
Something made of a common respect for life

Just Soldier (Stay Down)

Sound of pipes war’s all around I’m creepin’ on the ground
I wonder why I do this Stay down and load your gun
I don’t know if it’s worth while I’m near the fighting line
The breath of death is close to me
No way to avoid all this madness around here
Oh my god please tell me what is right
What is the price?
Glory fame and pride
No! I won’t obey
Then you’ll have to die
The soil is red of our blood
I’m sinkin’ in the mud
A sinner voice is saying… Stay down and play your game
Now I’m facing the enemy
But hey, he’s the same as me
A man who fights for someone’s fault

Neverending Rest

Ride In the night Everywhere you feel so lonely
And tangled down
Hi nice and brainy guy You could quickly know our mood and feel
The lost meanings Oh, here your mouse is saying you’ll run again
Maybe he’s waiting a new dawn
Freedom for sale could mean to touch the sunshine
And now the time has come And everywhere I see your lovely faces
Your rattling honest road Walk by my side
No one live around the end and tears are crystalized
Oh no, angels please Hold in your young hands the sense of mercy
Your thin arms blinded me
Oh, yes your smile will stay here forever
World’s turning a new day has come
Unknown freedom will bleed around the sunrise
You know the answer? And everywhere we’ll see your lovely ladies
Your rattling honest road


This is a new step we are walkin’ to a new life
Stupid is trying to a contol the sounds of time
Leave them – live them – grow up and learn
Taste them – keep them – until the end
The goal is still so close
But heard to reach it
We never loose the hope it’s a game of patience
Standin’ in the wings ready for our turn
Standin’ in the wings the light will shine on us one day
How many people are waitin’ to see the show
I feel the adrenaline run into my blood
Face them – rock them – put on the fire
Amaze them – catch them – until the end

Slave To The Night

Let me introduce myself I’m your fear
Do you really know who I am?
I’ll be everything you need or dream of
I’ll slowly take you to the end So many times I wish I wasn’t
Only a shade But at the sunset I feel somethin’
Burn inside me Slave to the night
I can hear your heartbeat while you sleepin’
Greed takes possession of me
Let me sink my teeth into your young throat
Hey don’t turn you back to me now
It’s so hard to live forever alone
Ther’s no rest for me And no love at all
Always lookin’ for somethin’ I can’t have
In this darkness now I’m becomin’ mad
‘cause I know this nite I will kill again
Now in the end I’m still lookin’ for Someone to love
But than the sunset I feel somethin’
Burn inside me

Synthetic Paradise

No more ways to hide your face
In a corner you are friend
Please don’t give me your claim and lie
Look at me straight in the eys
But tell me where is the fun
You’re alone now
How can you waste all your life
You’re deep in trouble man
If you wanna stop your bllody mess
Run by our side
The you will live a real world of dream
Rise your voice ‘n’ sing with me
Your synthetic paradise
It’s the illusion of a moment
It’s easyer tha to fight to survive
You won’t keep yourself alive

Hand In Hand

My mind is clear as the sky, For the first time
I can see what I left behind my shoulders
I don’t care if the world keeps on turning
I’ll be strong if you stay here by my side
…and walkin’ hand in hand again
we live our life with just a smile
No words to explain what love can realize
Fragile like a flower and stronger than a storm
Goodbye sun welcome moon my old friend
How I dreamed how I cried under your eyes
I don’t care if the rain keeps on falling
I’ll be there to repair your every time
No words to explain what love can realize
Fragile like a flower and stronger than a storm
No more dark hours into my heart
You color my days and that is all I want

When I Will Fly Far

My soul is burning now ‘cuz years ago you gave me secret sorrows
I’ve seen the ice through your eyes
How could you’ve been untrue nice sad and hollow
Bad things crawl inside my heart To live is hard now and
I’ getting son mad Blood will flow please life return
Oh I don’t if winds still blow
And where I will heal my wounds
But you’ll give me warmth again
When I’ll get home Or when I will fly far
Crazyness start to creep
Day by day my rage seems to be hallowed
But I will fly so high
And from now on shout
Should be in your honour
Bad things crawl deep inside my heart
To live is hard now and
I’m getting so mad
Blood will flow please life return

Music and arrangements by Labÿrinth - Lyrics by Roberto Tiranti
except "Neverending Rest" and "When I Will Fly Far" by Andrea De Paoli