Birth date: 10/12/1973
Sign: Sagittarius
Previous bands: Vanexa
First record lent me: J.C.S. in the far 1983
First record bought: I can’t remember if Queen – ‘Kind Of Magic’ or Yngwee Malmsteen’s ‘Rising Force’
Favourite band/musician: Deep Purple, Queensryche, Mr. Big, Queen, Iron Maiden, Judas     Priest, Rush, Uriah Heep, Kansas, Glenn Hughes, Stevie Wonder, Gino Vannelli
Favourite videoclip: Queensryche – ‘Silent Lucidity’
Favourite Labyrinth song: sang ‘Moonlight’, listened ‘Chapter I’
Favourite food: ……almost all !
Favourite sport: eating, sleeping, being a nuisance to anyone !
Hobbies: see above !




Birth date: 02/04/1974
Sign: Aries
Previous bands: Witchunt
First record lent me: I cannot remember…
First record bought: Iron Maiden – ‘Seventh Son Of  A Seventh Son’
Favourite band/musician: Iron Maiden / Queensryche
Favourite videoclip: Kylie Minogue (anyone)
Favourite Labyrinth song: -
Favourite food:
Tordelli forever !!!
Favourite sport: Insulting Schumi !!!
Hobbies: what happens…



Keyboards and piano

Birth date: 13/03/1976
Sign: Pisces
Previous bands: Nemesi, Shadow Of Steel, Masterfly
First record lent me: Gioacchino Rossini’s ‘Il Barbiere di Siviglia’ or perhaps as a child a Julio Iglesias cassette administered by my mother
First record bought: My memory has gons… I think Madonna - ‘True Blue’ and then Aerosmith - ‘Permanent Vacation’, Iron Maiden - ‘Somewhere In Time’
Favourite band/musician: Iron Maiden, Kevin Moore, Chick Corea, Malmsteen, Andy Timmons and Luciano Luisi (Zucchero’s keyboard player)
Favourite videoclip: Soundgarden - ‘Black Hole Sun’
Favourite Labyrinth song: ‘Heaven Denied’
Favourite food: I eat anything… in fact for someone my nickname is “bottomless pit”
Favourite sport: track and field events (100 m)
Hobbies: reading, idling, socializing with beautiful girls J, Internet and informatics in general, collecting and listening to audio and video cartoons theme songs, overall the ones of the 80’s: I‘m crazy for them !




Birth date: ??/??/???? (27/1J/1977)
Sign: Scorpio
Previous bands: Crown Of Autumn
First record lent me: ‘The Great Mazinger’ soundtrack
First record bought: ‘Fivelandia 2’
Favourite band/musician: Death, Chuck Schuldiner
Favourite videoclip: Metallica - ‘Until It Sleeps’
Favourite Labyrinth song: ‘Touch the Rainbow’
Favourite food: Icecreams
Favourite sport: Golf
Hobbies: Miniatures, Internet, Chat, Videogames, TELOFAI !!!




Birth date: 15/08/1973
Sign: Leo
Previous bands: Sufferage
First record lent me: Iron Maiden - ‘Killers’
First record bought: Metallica - ‘Kill ‘em All’
Favourite band/musician: Iron Maiden / Steve Harris
Favourite videoclip:
AC/DC - ‘Live In Donington’
Favourite Labyrinth song: ‘The Night Of Dreams’
Favourite food: Everything !
Favourite sport: Supercross USA…
Hobbies: Playstation and other consoles…