Vocals - Genova - 10.12.73 -

previous bands: Vanexa
favourite artist: Jim Carey, Al Pacino
first metal record bought: Powerslave (Iron Maiden)
favourite musician: Stevie Wonder
favourite food: all kinds of food
hobbies: play bass guitar, Playstation, Cook, Motocycling,drink good wines
future plans: music 360°


Guitars -
Massa - 27.09.71


previous bands: Lab˙rinth
favourite artist: Yngwie J. Malmsteen
first metal record bought: Rockarolla (Judas Priest)
favourite musician: Yngwie J. Malmsteen
favourite food: cooked in every way!
hobbies: computer and chats
future plans: make records now and forever, (.......Forthcoming next Vision Divine album!!!)



Keyboards and piano - Savona - 13.03.76

previous bands: Nemesi, Shadow of Steel, Masterfly
favourite artist: Malmsteen, Johansoon, Bill Evans,
Kevin Moore, Keith Emerson, Petrucciani
first metal record bought: Somewhere in Time (Irons)
favourite musician: look the above point "fav. artist"
favourite food: pasta, vegetables and meat
hobbies: girls, computer, body buiding, reading
future plans: I would like to make music forever!!!


Drums - ??.??.????


previous bands: Crown of Autumn
favourite artist: Denzel Washington
first metal record bought: Somewhere in Time (Irons)
favourite musician: Chuck Shuldiner
favourite food: nuts (Homer'style)
hobbies: computer, Chat, Nitendo 64, miniatures
future plans: become rich!!!!



Bass - Livorno - 15.08.73

previous bands: Sufferage (C. Shuldiner's Death style)
favourite artist: Madonna, M. Cavalera, D. Lombardo
first metal record bought: Killers (Iron Maiden)
favourite musician: Stewart Hamm
favourite food: ravioli
hobbies: videogames
future plans: define my musical career


Guitars -
Massa - 02.04.74


previous bands: Witchunt (trash band)
favourite artist: many.....Clint Eastwood above all
first metal record bought: Seventh son of........(Irons)
favourite musician: Steve Vai
favourite food: "Tordelli alla Massesah" (!?)
hobbies: none in Particular
future plans: my solo project, go on and increase my artistic knowledge