Roncade (Tv) 15th april 2002
The opportunity for Labyrinth is one that an artist cannot miss. They have to do the best because the concerts they will record will compose their first live album. A little bit of nervousness can be felt in the backstage but Rob Tyrant calm down everyone with his usual witty remarks (purely by chance their main character is the poor Mac!).

“It’s time!” exclaims the stage responsible.  Rumble of the fans and without intro begins the violence of the first chapter of “Sons Of Thunder”, “Chapter One” precisely. Many times I listened to this song and every time I am amazed at the live impact. People wait for “Moonlight” as a thirsty in the desert wait for a bit of water, to take out their vitality and the two axemen Rain and Thorsen weave its solos like silver threads.

In these nights many old chapters are take n back, for example “Piece Of Time”, once prerogative just of Mr. Joe Terry (do you remember who was hidden behind this name?). Roby moves on stage like a skilled artist as the tunes of “Rage Of The Kings” are flowing impassioned or the tenuous and contemporarily sostenuto ones of “Heaven Denied”. Third jump into ”Return To Heaven Denied” with “New Horizon” and people can no more distinguish truth from dream: the perfection of Labyrinth play their show is praiseworthy and people could turn up the nose thinking about the exhibitions of famous foreign musicians.

“Kathryn” and “Lady Lost In Time” are played too until the unknown (at the beginning) “Dreamland” from the first full length. The title tracks of the last “Sons Of Thunder” and the first “No Limits” bring us to the last slice of the show with “In The Shade” and “Thunder” during which, because of the agitation of the people, it is risky staying in the firsts rows.

Talking about a triumph could be limiting for such a night and it is the only consolation of a comeback through the spring mist, in which the old Bernasca can find an half hour of rest thanks to the driving of one of the Labyrinth crew mainpoint, Max Poloni.



Milan 16th april 2002
People from everywhere in the north Italy met at Rainbow in Milan to celebrate the most famous Labyrinth in Italy and to hope of being recorded for the live album of forthcoming release. Sure of the good form demonstrated in Roncade, tonight an healthy walk is announced.

To feel the band’s pulse is the good Bernasca, with whom Rob Tyrant is mawkish for the other bands taking part at the festival and for the organization of the minitour. The singer also inform m e bout the progresses of the new album that will compose the studio album expected in autumn: very good, there could not be a better news before this thrilling performance. As “Moonlight”, “New Horizon”, “Kathryn” and “No Limits” go by, in my mind are passing as a flashback the emotional moments I had in the first months of year 1998 in the isolated place near Bergamo, where first signs of the success were becoming more and more plain.

At the end of “Thunder” the compliments to the band could seem taken for granted but for who ad been living for five years the band as the yours truly it’s not in this way.

A concert is missing – the one of Rimini – but because of a logistic problem (a live report Running Wild in Germany) your Bernasca could take part. From the report that Chris did  the following day, it was a real success both for people and for the six bands who took part to this unforgettable manifestation.


By the way, best wishes to the participating to the Italian Attack, Tony “Mad” and White Skull, the great Morby and Domine, the roman Novembre, Eddy Antonini and Skylark as well as Centvrion: thanks to everyone for the wonderful moments passed together!!


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