2nd November 2002

Greeting to everyone...
With regret we have entered the last month of life of the "old web site" labyrinthmusic.it ! Exactly, because at the end of the month of November the site will look different, with a restyling which - we hope - will meet your approval. We have decided NOT to realize a website using editor like Flash, Shockwave or Director, because this would bring inevitably difficulties for the ones who will not use ISDN or ADSL to connect their PC to labyrinthmusic.it . We want to keep the site fast and direst, like Labyrinth's music !!
It will have a more evil look and a "personality" that we think the present version doesn't have, even if we are fond of it because it was the FIRST, REAL Labyrinth's Homepage. Bernaz and Marco Barzaghi (of the homonymous Graphic Studio) have attended to the graphics, but an untiring person has a heavier duty: our webmaster Claudio Dal Bello. He will upload hundreds of pictures, tens of articles and multimedia connections: Chat, Blackboard and Forum. We foresee a closing of the present web site for a couple of days - at the end of this month - during which the new one will be put online. The address labyrinthmusic.it will remain the same!! : : :
And the new album? It is practically ready, composed - besides from the 8 tracks already described, also by two very atmospheric ballads. Do u wanna know something new about the whole work? ...click here and you' ll can read a wide description by the words of Cristiano.
See u ASAP !!!

Labyrinth and SOT International Staff