Tavagnasco Rock - 25th April 2002
Labyrinth have been used to play at any condition and context during these years but difficultly I had the possibility to see them in a context like Tavagnasco Rock 2002. A Festival at its thirteenth edition and that has always been characterized by the will of join together such differents musical genres.

And so this time: the organization of the festival contacted Labyrinth to play the 25th April, day in which they would have played with Roy Paci & Aretuska, Siculian ska band famous for its leader Roy Paci, famous trumpet player (Manu Chao is one of the band with which he collaborated). Tavagnasco is pleasant village near Ivrea, close to the Pre-Alps, in a wonderful naturalistic context, as the unique and dreaming Labyrinth music. It takes one hour and half by car from Milan and I even didn’t find the usual queue (in Italy there are these 2 days, 25th April and 1st May, during which half peninsula leaves for a biblical exodus!!).

A typical spring day, surely ideal for a concert outside the town. Just one problem: the bill of the show! A share used to a festival where Roberto Vecchioni and Vinicio Capossela played (famous Italian song writers and singers) will difficultly esteem the sound of a band like Labyrinth. This was the thoughts of the band and me until the gates opened and little by little appeared t-shirts of Iron Maiden and Stratovarius! So, many guys from Ivrea and Turin were there just for Labyrinth!

But the afternoon did not begin very well, because of the breaking of the bass of Chris during the journey towards Tavagnasco. The substitution of it (see pics), thanks to the intervention of the festival staff let the Labyrinth show take place. Anders was right in the backstage saying that Labyrinth cannot be tranquil: but what can we do? Through sumptuous supper and the usual jokes of Rob and Mac, it’s 10 p.m. and it’s time to go onstage, after the good exhibition of a gospel choir, with whom our guys cannot not congratulate.

For the show was decided not to play tracks too heavy and violent not to trouble the minds of the majority(over 50) and of the children! ‘Kathryn’ has to start the dances and the firsts rows, composed overall by true aficionados of the band, explode in thousands choirs. At the end of the song no one from the share could get out to clap Labyrinth, but… some problems with the drum kit of Mat. They are suddenly resolved and let ‘Moonlight’ enter into the tent of the festival. The adrenalin of the band and the one of the share is growing, and the following ‘Night Of Dreams’ and ‘Piece Of Time’ could seem too soft for a night going different than expected. ‘Rage Of King’ let the people jump and break out the pogo: it stabilizes with ‘No Limits’, song appreciated also by Fabio “bauscia” Magliano of Metal Hammer Italy who never listened to it live. Change of the program because of another technical problem – to the keyboards of Mac – and begins ‘State Of Grace’, violent and direct until ‘New Horizon’ and ‘Heaven Denied’. Here the register changes finishing with ‘Thunder’ for the fans asking just that to Labyrinth. And we had to be tranquil !!!

Then there are many signs, also to the children who would have to be frightened by the evil and “damned” sound of these “bad metallers”! This time again Labyrinth hit the mark, making understand also to a different share that metal is not just noise, but energy and melody!!

A particular thanks goes to Andrea “” Lami for the pictures given us for the report of Italian Attack. An unforgivable forgetfulness…. Hail brother !!!

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