The work of songwriting for the new album is incessantly going on

newsjuneP03The work of songwriting for the new album is incessantly going on. In these days the finishing touch of the first three tracks are clearlier defining their shape. One of them is very similar to the feel of “Heaven Denied” , instead the other two song have a real speed & various impact. A fourth track – a midtempo one – completely by Andrew McPauls, is going to be added to the list of the overcited tracks. There are many ideas and the band is throwing them out unceasingly: every day, every hour is good for a new idea for the worthy successor of “Sons Of Thunder”.

A surprise for all the fans of the band: after the summer the new album’s demo will be ready and an extract from one of the new tracks will be online on : a world preview!

The S.O.T. International Staff is according with the band for the first meeting on the web site CHAT between them and their fans… it will be a cool way to inaugurate the CHAT of, giving a meeting point where fans from all the world will have the chance to meet, chatting of (and with) their favourites or about the Heavy Metal world. But it could be just a way to chat a while. Eh ! Eh!

Even if our band ends, our music will last forever. Another thing that will last forever is the fun you will find at

New files, MP3 and skins have been added to the MEDIA section, and also the announced track recorded by Rob Tyrant with the New Trolls guitarist, Andrea Maddalone, entitled “Una canzone”; the lyrics are not very “politically correct” (just for who knows well italian, but not all is as it could look like!!!): a real exclusive just for!!

As you can see, we have opened on the Menu of the site, the STAFF section, where you can finally see the “ugly face” (except from the ones of our sweet girl-collaborators !) of the people who inform you about Labyrinth… and you will find also some news about S.O.T. International Staff taste. A way to know the big Labyrinth family !!

Stay heavy…

L’Urlo Del Drago Festival

If you found our music online, then you understand why we love the internet. We also love it because we can play online games.
It was many months that Labyrinth had not the possibility to make a show for such an excited share like it happened Saturday 18th May during the third edition of the Urlo Del Drago Festival in Gardolo (TN). A true festival, organized by guys who trust and live for Heavy Metal. Max Poloni risked another time the ethylic coma (see pics of the backstage!!), there were flood of beer and we are sure that the band will remember for longtime the heat of the fans (brought out with many stage dive)!!. A special thanks goes to the boss of the organization, Omar, who, (between one beer and another one… eh!eh!!) worked hard to put the band and the staff at ease! Greeting also to the very good bands who took part to the manifestation, example of the variety and of the richness of the Metal World: APOSTASIA, SHRINE, CUBE, DUST, ILLUSION, HIV VIP and THE OLD… thanks from Labyrinth and Sons Of Thunder International Staff!!
Stop now, let’s give the floor to Sabrina Sorcinelli, witness – with her “partner” Jenis (we promise not to let him make other tour de force!!::) – of this crazy and undefinable travel in Trentino…

I think we could start with your official declaration about the situation

I think we could start with your official declaration about the situation, not very clear, created with the time between you and your Italian label…

The truth is really simple: we started to work many years ago in an environment in Italy unknown, with the aid of some people which, at the beginning seemed what they were not in the reality. Translated: they had always shown honesty and always said to have had the best for us; unfortunately the facts demonstrated the contrary. We had big difficulties to receive what a band, we think, deserve, after have worked hard. We sold a tot number of copies, that they haven’t quantify us, but I think that in many years Labyrinth have made a good work and that it also gave us very good results.
Not having received the fruits of our work, we have wanted to close with people of which I prefer not to talk about because they are not present now.

After this decision how do you think to move from now?

The future policy of the band will surely be the auto production. These years didn’t help us just to learn to play, but also to understand the environment, not only musical but also managerial. I mean, we have had the occasion to get in touch with many labels, managers: I think that after the experience thanks to our lawyer – and I take to occasion to thank him – that will verify the REAL honesty of the future contracts, we will be able to move all alone.
The intention of Labyrinth is that the work be delivered in the best way and cost; we will record masters, than we will try to distribute them in the best way. Sincerely labels for Labyrinth have never been a great affair, both because that they haven’t time and because sometimes they haven’t the means to promote an album, as a musician could do.
For example big bands that were able to go out from the ghetto: their productions are in this way, auto produce and then decide the destination of the master.

Make a product and then look around… a really courageous choice…

Sure, but I think this is the only way out, also because metal has become a suitable genre, labels doesn’t care about new bands – and it is well known – but many little labels that know how to work exist but it is difficult to find them. This is the reason of our decision.
After this stasis phase there were also people that said you were near to the dissolution: what do you answer?

They were just rumours and Labyrinth is a name that in many years has grown up! As people know, we have had many changes of line-up, even if  they were not seen in a good way. I understand it because it is not so simple leave a person with who you have lived important moments: but Labyrinth did in this way because we have always wanted to obtain the best and I hope that this sentence won’t be misinterpret. The rumours about our dissolution: I think they began since our difficulties, that nobody really knew what were.
I want to confirm that we never wanted a dissolution, it was the contrary: we just didn’t want to continue our work in a situation – and perhaps here the mistake was created – that didn’t satisfied us. Perhaps we would have however taken the decision to change, but now things are going on in a better way. The band is here, stronger than before and we would never think to a dissolution. 

There is a new album near, so?

Not one but two!! I think that a merit of Labyrinth has been to have represented the Italian bands live: we have demonstrated to be good in studio but also live. Since the beginning we have been a band known more for our concerts, because of the difficult of record album in the firsts 90′: in relation with this, we want to put on CD a live performance because our energy, who knows us will agree, is not expressed in a studio as we want.
“Soft” tracks like Night Of dreams, live have a different impact, from here the decision to make a live album; in the meanwhile we are working to new material and we are sure that for September 2002 it will be ready for a new studio release.

Will there be a continuation of the Sons Of Thunder’s style?

It is always the same old story: you see, we have recorded 3 albums, each of them different from the other and at the same time interpreted by the public in very different ways, but often and unfortunately according to the fashion of the moment. When Return To Heaven Denied went out, considered now a power metal album, everyone identify it in songs like Moonlight and Thunder; but in that album there are also songs like State Of Grace, Return To Heaven Denied or Night Of Dreams, totally disconnected from the definition of power.
The same happened with No Limits and Sons Of Thunder: we play what we feel in a certain moment, without planning. I don’t know what I will do in the next album.

Not even an idea?

Our tracks beginning to be written with a guitar riff, often closer to thrash or to other styles, that often become softer with the lyrics,. I don’t know what will be of what we have written until this moment: I have nearly ready 3 tracks, but I can’t identify them… surely they sound Labyrinth!!!

We have to wait for a return of Labyrinth?

I don’t think is a real return: we have always been here. We have always had long times for the recording of our albums, because we want to do the best. Sometimes the result hasn’t been equal to the expectation and Sons Of Thunder is the demonstration; we started with many good ideas but at the end the realisation of the work didn’t satisfied us. This has also been an experience, but since August 2001 I don’t think the band ever interrupted his activity.
The live album is not so far then….
We would have to record this live in January and we will try to put it in shops in summer; in the meanwhile we will organize the managerial aspect.

Will there be also a tour?

I think no….I think no because now we want just to fix in a concert what Labyrinth have been in these years and then start again. I think that is more sensed concentrate on the writing of the new album, work well and then think to a new tour.

A concert recorded live broadcast…

Absolutely… Again for the concerts, a part from some summer show that we hope to do in European festivals and the tour following the new album, the one of January will be the only one concert until May. A show created to fix the moment: what I can anticipate is that we would like to invite in a mini festival the most important Italian bands. Nothing is decided yet: we have to try to meet the necessity of the bands, hoping they appreciate the invitation.
For the public will be a pleasant moment not only for the show, but also under the economical point of view. I want – and everyone of Labyrinth do – that a boy who has just money for a concert or a CD could assist to a show as complete as possible.

Do you think that the new – very introversive and unusual- work of Vision Divine could have damage the Labyrinthic talent of Olaf?

I think that each musician can’t give his best in a band, having to share the need of other 5 people, as happens in Labyrinth. I understand the need of Olaf to create Vision Divine. I know him since years ago, we founded the band together, and if there is a person in which I trust is Olaf: I mean, I trust also in the others boys, but between us there is a mental affinity that joins us, so I can’t see Vision as a danger for Labyrinth. I live it positively and I hope that it could happen to me or to other band members; Chris and I are working to our material.

Time ago you told me about your solo project…

Yes, the album is concluded, but I am not in a hurry: when will be the right moment I will look for the occasion to propose it. Also for my vein this work has been fundamental, because what is present in this album I would have never proposed on a Labyrinth album. For our fans I think it is very interesting listen to other aspect of the individual members of the band: the important is that what a person will listen to, is a product of very good quality.
In conclusion, we are working now and I would like to reassure once again the boys that follow us that they will have the possibility to see us soon and also on line thanks to the site

As luck would have it you are here at Jungle Sound to record SALA PROVE…

Yes, it is positive and we accepted to take part to it. It is soon to say if it will have a big audience and, also if I don’t want to make advertising considering that I don’t earn money (laughing), I can say that is a new TV, Rock TV, opened since 1st December. Our instalments will be on TV towards the middle of the month and it will be the occasion to see what the hell Labyrinth do as they rehearse! It’s the spirit that characterized us that let us say yes or no to these kind of things: we renounced  to Gods Of Metal, but we accepted for this programme just because we want to see HONESTY from the person who propose us something. People who deal with this programme, Tommy Massara of Extrema for example, assure us a clear, amusing situation and this is what we want. We have always played gladly, often also gratis, but it has always been the way in which they propose us that make us accept or not.
We say no to Gods Of Metal at the last moment and cost us dear! I think that for a musician the best is play on such a stage.
But if on the other site I find people I don’t like, it’s me that go away and I am talking for each Labyrinth member! Roby wasn’t behind the stage drinking wine, as I read somewhere!
If you call us for the third time, you do it because it has a sense to play in such a festival, clearly according to the importance we have. I would never pretend to have the importance of Judas Priest! But you can’t call us just to do us a favour; this means that the festival doesn’t improve having Labyrinth and the people who organize don’t care if there are Labyrinth or not; at this point we went away! We do favours to our friends and not to who demonstrates the contrary… 

See you next year with many Labyrinthic news…

After the leaving of Olaf Thörsen from Labyrinth

After the leaving of Olaf Thörsen from Labyrinth, many fans were bewildered, as token see the post on the Guest Book of the web site and the Emails to The tension around Labyrinth was obvious from months, in fact the above cited tracks came to nothing: but as soon as things were cleared, everything in the new songs set perfectly like in a puzzle.

The pre-production of the Demo took place in the new Bettola Studios in Novate Milanese (MI) by the band, and the definite production and the following recording took place at G.B. Studios (for G.B. studios infos:  in Cinisello Balsamo (a little town near Milano), thanks to a very good sound technician, Maurizio Brioschi, with the collaboration of a valid fellow, Ale De Berti, known as member of the band N8. For drums it was decide to record in CUBASE to speed the production of the demo, but thanks to the betterments brought by Mattia during the pre-production, they earned in Labyrinth-sound and genuineness. Obviously during the sessions of the definite recording, the blonde drummer will play his drums.

About the recording of the full album, we can say that from the end of August Labyrinth will begin the writing of the new songs (about twenty!), then there will be the selection and then the definite production, ending with the start of recordings in the first week of December.

In the days of the recording of the Demo there was a serene climate, they joked (the motto TE LO FAI  was re-born in these days !!), they discuss about how the new parts would have depict inside the work, without incomprehension (or tensions). All under the supervision of the new manager Fabrizio Giruzzi. The tracks are complex, not because they are not catchy, but because of the many passages into them. Both Andrea, Cristiano, and Mac had to work hard on the writing and the interpretation of their solos (for example in “Synthetic Paradise”). This was to make special and unique all the four tracks of the Demo 2002.

The pictures you will find attached to the report were taken in these moments during which the band was joking, but also was studying the right volumes for the sounds.

26th July, day of the mix, we asked Roberto to make us a description of the tracks composing the demo. Here are his words:

“Before beginning the description of the Demo I want to made an introduction: our band has left the idea of a concept album. Since the beginning of the Labyrinth career the albums have always been a sort of concept albums. For the new work, I can say that it will be not a story, but several episodes separated from each other; this because we think it is good for the listeners to take out from the album a song with its own story. It is not said that I will write the lyrics of all the songs: I have written these four songs, Mac has some ideas for the lyrics of a new song that we have ready. It is a song like “Heaven Denied” in some way. In few days we will give him the melodies of the track and Mac will begin writing the lyrics. We are living together in a very relaxed atmosphere, both as a band and on human level. I would like to write the lyrics of the whole album, but there are no problem: as soon as someone has some idea, he tells it to the others and together we decide what to do. Mattia (Mat) has some ideas for the lyrics, too. But this happened also before, when Olaf covered all the lyrics…In “Sons of Thunder” I also had some ideas and in fact I wrote “Love”. But let’s talk about the songs:

This is our latest album, and we’re currently working on our next album. Please consider helping us with production by contributing some of your winnings from an internetn.

“The Prophet” is the story of a calm town, one of the many of the world, in which the everyday life is broken up by a fool foretelling disasters. The problem is that the disasters really happen!! A prophet that, after the usual warnings about the depraved attitude of the inhabitants, stirs up an apocalypse, with the opening of the sky between thunder and lighting … We cannot always joke and laugh, so I decided to write something tragic. I would define power this song, even if inside there is a more metal verse, both as riffs and as energy and it recalls to the 80’s.

“Living In A Maze”: I think that the title already comments the whole song. It is the Labyrinth’s history, very summarize. We have always thought to live inside a sort of Labyrinth, often made by many kind of sorrow: for the persons who are no more with us and for the ones who took joke of us during these years ( obviously omitting names in the song). A verse of the song is typically mid tempo, but with a parenthesis very power and angry with a powerful structure in double case: I could define it “prog power”.

“Slave To The Night” is about a vampire tormented because he cannot have a love, because of his condition. The only way would be to bite the lady loved and make her become a vampire, too. Even if this subject has been used several times, I did not care about it and I used it for a Labyrinth song. Musically is a mid tempo, very close to “Kathryn” but also to “Chapter I”, an halfway because, like “Chapter I” it has a slow part in the middle, with just acoustic guitar and voices, but at the same time with some parenthesis recalling to “Kathryn”.

“Synthetic Paradise” is absolutely the most power track of the four, very speed. The music of this song brought me to write this lyric, telling about a person I know, who, even if he has not personal or health problems, loses his time with drugs. Yes, unfortunately he is a friend of mine. The incised is very happy and it would be a sign of hope, why not? In fact I say in the text: you should realize that even if you count on these synthetic substances, you are always a dickhead! I hope this message will be useful…!”

Labyrinth’s concert

My adventure begins as soon as I go out from the car after a really traumatizing travel: hotter than hell!
After a quick sound check, Jenis, Luca and me went roaming in Gardolo, drinking beer and eating ice-cream with four of the six Labyrinth: a really good experience. It’s soon night and it’s time to see our 6 heroes’ show. Even if it was already 1.30 a.m as Labyrinth started playing, the share was filling an half of the place where there would be the concert.
Much adrenalin and as soon as Olaf went on stage, the protection barriers are broken: “Chapter One” begins and the heads are banging following the music. Then “Kathryn”, “Moonlight” and “Lady Lost In Time”and a very wild fan goes on stage. In the beginning the band was amused, but after some minutes the things are degenerating and our Luca “Bernasca” and the security have to calm some people of the public. But the band doesn’t stop and they take us back with “No Limits”, the always wonderful “New Horizon” and “Heaven Denied”. But it’s “Rage Of The King” that involved people with its chorus.
We feel the hot, the air is missing, but this doesn’t stop the will of amuse and on the tunes of “Time After Time” the atmosphere is full of energy and the share explodes. Again back in the time with “Piece Of Time”, which the share seems to appreciate and sing. And it’s the turn of “Thunder”, that with the power of a train at its maximum speed drives the fans crazy.
It’s time to go and Labyrinth say good-bye with “In The Shade”. At 2.30 a.m. O’clock Labyrinth leave the stage, the share thanks and they won’t forget easily this show. Before concluding, I wanted to thanks Labyrinth and Luca to have given me the opportunity to pass this day with them, and to write my first report for Sons Of Thunder International Staff.
Our next tour will likely be heading to Australia at some point. If you want a taste of their culture, go and play some Australian online slots.

Greeting to everyone…

Are you looking for entertainment while waiting for our next show to start? Then head over to on your mobile device and place some great games.
With regret we have entered the last month of life of the “old web site” ! Exactly, because at the end of the month of November the site will look different, with a restyling which – we hope – will meet your approval. We have decided NOT to realize a website using editor like Flash, Shockwave or Director, because this would bring inevitably difficulties for the ones who will not use ISDN or ADSL to connect their PC to . We want to keep the site fast and direst, like Labyrinth’s music !!
It will have a more evil look and a “personality” that we think the present version doesn’t have, even if we are fond of it because it was the FIRST, REAL Labyrinth’s Homepage. Bernaz and Marco Barzaghi (of the homonymous Graphic Studio) have attended to the graphics, but an untiring person has a heavier duty: our webmaster Claudio Dal Bello. He will upload hundreds of pictures, tens of articles and multimedia connections: Chat, Blackboard and Forum. We foresee a closing of the present web site for a couple of days – at the end of this month – during which the new one will be put online. The address will remain the same!! : : :
And the new album? It is practically ready, composed – besides from the 8 tracks already described, also by two very atmospheric ballads. Do u wanna know something new about the whole work? …click here and you’ ll can read a wide description by the words of Cristiano.
See u ASAP !!!

Labyrinth and SOT International Staff

We are at the end of October

cristianobertocchinovpiccWe are at the end of October and the situation is clear: the new album is ready and the songwriting (about ten songs) is complete: the arrangements and some singing are missing but generally speaking we are ready. This time everything happened quickly perhaps because the songwriting was still from some time… “Sons Of Thunder” is on the market from two years… The music is instrumentally more compact, more metal, but at the same time melodic, reflecting the style which characterizes us since the beginning.

This album was inspired by some of our online adventures, specifically the fun times that we had while playing games at

Simply we have lived many experiences during these years which have surely marked our choices and our songs. The new album takes shape from these feeling: much more human and experienced. At the present time we are estimating with our manager different options about the recording room and the producers because these choices have a basic rule for our future.
We count to enter the recording room during the first days of January, and then the new album will be released in the month of April or May of the next year. We know that it will take again several months to listen to the new songs but we can assure you that this long waiting will be paid back.
Keep the faith on the Maze!!

We will soon attend Italian Attack

Our recording studio has a number of different benefits, including web access. That way, in between sessions, we can play games at

We will soon attend Italian Attack, where Labyrinth will come back on stage, after last troubled year.
Some news from the festival: the gates will open at 7 p.m. and the show will start at 8 p.m. The ticket price is €12 each venue. Please check the Infoline Bloom Agency for every information at: +390396067351.
The 24th February in Genoa there has been the first of three outline and show rehearse, which will take place in three cities of north-center Italy:

15th march Roncade (Tv) – New Age,
16th march Milan – Rainbow Club
23rd march Rimini – Velvet.

The three shows will be recorded and from them will be taken the tracks for a live album: the first of Labyrinth !! In this first day of rehearse the band played its old war-horses, perhaps the ones which need more attention during the execution.
In an hour and half they played several times: Night Of Dreams, No Limits, Dreamland, Heaven Denied, New Horizon, Touch The Rainbow, Sons Of Thunder.

Next rehearse will take place in the three next Sundays, also when the definite outline will be decided (we won’t annonce it until the end, not to spoil the surprise!). During the pauses we chat with Rob, who told us about the last news about Labyrinth and we also took the opportunity to ask him about his musician career.

The hard writing work is going on…

Greet to the Labyrinth followers from the Sons Of Thunder International Staff!
Summer has just ended (someone will say “luckily!”) and availing of the first cold, we have summon Mec (who suffers being a sea-man and a sun lover) to make the point of the situation of the work during these post-demo months. 28th September we met him at the Bettola Studios in Novate Milanese (MI) and during one of the few pauses with the band, he placed himself in front of a portable PC and wrote what follows…


Hi to everyone from Andrea “Mec” De Paoli, alter ego of Prof. Mazinkaiser ( the ones who go often on the Blackboard of our site knows who I am talking about!)…
As ordered by the “supreme head of our Staff”, no less than Bernasca, I have the task to describe other new tarcks (besides the four already on the demo), which will composed the new album out March/April 2003.

3. The first song was born by the “riff producer” Prof.Tarelli ( : ), alias Andrea Cantarelli. I am sure that this song will leave you amazed for its violence. The music begins with an intro, a whirtling of trash rhythmical and changes of time in Bay Area style. After a minute and half, the rhythmic base is enriched by the melodies of Roberto and by electronic / heavenly sounds, making the mood more and more interesting. After a rhytmn and melodic but always very strong bridge, the song opens with in a refrain full of groove and pure melody. Then the atmosphere gets even more hollow (hallucinating, I would say!!) with an harping break of malicious electric-acoustic guitar, supported by bass and keyboards close to the dodecaphony. The ambient is then interrupted again by distorted rhythmics, speed close to the 200 bpm, and it ends then with an allucinated final, almost perverse. Probably the most violent and malicious track ever written by Labyrinth.

2. The second track is almost a dreaming ballad opening with a piece of piano in minor. Then Mattia begins with a slow but strong time always on the same piece of piano, and Andrea Cantarelli starts with a guitar choir dubbed by my keyboards. Also here Roby enters: he defines the song “noble” and I agree. The music gives shiver… any noble soul will be lost inside this song and the goose flesh will be the clothes you will wear any time your stereo will play the tunes of this song.

3. And then again a lot of riffs and drumming. Violent intro and articulated, followed by a rhythmic strophe with the voice of Roberto clean and strong. The bridge arrives with a change of tune, the groove changes a bit but the melody grows until the refrain: a speed fast but melancholic of which I wrote the lyrics, which talk about a woman talking to her ego to find herself. In the middle we find again a special onetric with stroke of piano, analogic pad, bass of Cristiano as class carpet, and guitar played in modulated volume ending with bridge and refrain.

4. The forth track is a sort of “Heaven Denied”. Beginning with arrangements of keyboards, evidenced guitar choir and then strophe with Roberto singing. The sound carpet opens with a part of harping keyboards and his voice always giving strong emotions flowing into the refrain, which I hope will give you the same emotion it gave me. The lyrics will always be about personal experiences and about how life can change because of some events.

Now I have against my will to leave you… I greet all our fans wishing them to dream again forever…
YoursAndrea “Mec” – “Prof.Mazinkaiser” De Paoli

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