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The guys in Labyrinth like to rock out all over the web. When they aren’t on the stage, they’re playing the best games at an Australian online .

Mattia : Mat Stancioiu, …always remember to trust no one !!
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Cristiano : Chris Breeze, my father and family, my best friends Max, Alex, Igor and Luca. With passion to “Starship Pusher” (Richard, Bruno, and Mazmu Superstar) .
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“Mec” : Andrew Mc Pauls, all the people who help and love me, and a big big “fuck you” to all the motherfuckin’ liars who hate me.
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Andrea : Anders Rain
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Roberto : Rob Tyrant, my parents Gustavo and Mariella, Laura, Andrea Maddalone, California Jam, Mauro Sposito, Radio GaGa, Orange Studio, Osteria Dell’Acquasanta.
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Fabrizio Giruzzi –