We are at the end of October

cristianobertocchinovpiccWe are at the end of October and the situation is clear: the new album is ready and the songwriting (about ten songs) is complete: the arrangements and some singing are missing but generally speaking we are ready. This time everything happened quickly perhaps because the songwriting was still from some time… “Sons Of Thunder” is on the market from two years… The music is instrumentally more compact, more metal, but at the same time melodic, reflecting the style which characterizes us since the beginning.

This album was inspired by some of our online adventures, specifically the fun times that we had while playing games at http://www.mobile-s.ca.

Simply we have lived many experiences during these years which have surely marked our choices and our songs. The new album takes shape from these feeling: much more human and experienced. At the present time we are estimating with our manager different options about the recording room and the producers because these choices have a basic rule for our future.
We count to enter the recording room during the first days of January, and then the new album will be released in the month of April or May of the next year. We know that it will take again several months to listen to the new songs but we can assure you that this long waiting will be paid back.
Keep the faith on the Maze!!