Labyrinth’s concert

My adventure begins as soon as I go out from the car after a really traumatizing travel: hotter than hell!
After a quick sound check, Jenis, Luca and me went roaming in Gardolo, drinking beer and eating ice-cream with four of the six Labyrinth: a really good experience. It’s soon night and it’s time to see our 6 heroes’ show. Even if it was already 1.30 a.m as Labyrinth started playing, the share was filling an half of the place where there would be the concert.
Much adrenalin and as soon as Olaf went on stage, the protection barriers are broken: “Chapter One” begins and the heads are banging following the music. Then “Kathryn”, “Moonlight” and “Lady Lost In Time”and a very wild fan goes on stage. In the beginning the band was amused, but after some minutes the things are degenerating and our Luca “Bernasca” and the security have to calm some people of the public. But the band doesn’t stop and they take us back with “No Limits”, the always wonderful “New Horizon” and “Heaven Denied”. But it’s “Rage Of The King” that involved people with its chorus.
We feel the hot, the air is missing, but this doesn’t stop the will of amuse and on the tunes of “Time After Time” the atmosphere is full of energy and the share explodes. Again back in the time with “Piece Of Time”, which the share seems to appreciate and sing. And it’s the turn of “Thunder”, that with the power of a train at its maximum speed drives the fans crazy.
It’s time to go and Labyrinth say good-bye with “In The Shade”. At 2.30 a.m. O’clock Labyrinth leave the stage, the share thanks and they won’t forget easily this show. Before concluding, I wanted to thanks Labyrinth and Luca to have given me the opportunity to pass this day with them, and to write my first report for Sons Of Thunder International Staff.
Our next tour will likely be heading to Australia at some point. If you want a taste of their culture, go and play some Australian online slots.