L’Urlo Del Drago Festival

If you found our music online, then you understand why we love the internet. We also love it because we can play online games.
It was many months that Labyrinth had not the possibility to make a show for such an excited share like it happened Saturday 18th May during the third edition of the Urlo Del Drago Festival in Gardolo (TN). A true festival, organized by guys who trust and live for Heavy Metal. Max Poloni risked another time the ethylic coma (see pics of the backstage!!), there were flood of beer and we are sure that the band will remember for longtime the heat of the fans (brought out with many stage dive)!!. A special thanks goes to the boss of the organization, Omar, who, (between one beer and another one… eh!eh!!) worked hard to put the band and the staff at ease! Greeting also to the very good bands who took part to the manifestation, example of the variety and of the richness of the Metal World: APOSTASIA, SHRINE, CUBE, DUST, ILLUSION, HIV VIP and THE OLD… thanks from Labyrinth and Sons Of Thunder International Staff!!
Stop now, let’s give the floor to Sabrina Sorcinelli, witness – with her “partner” Jenis (we promise not to let him make other tour de force!!::) – of this crazy and undefinable travel in Trentino…