Listen to the first song of the new album "6 Days To Nowhere": CROSSROADS

Ready to reach Nowhere?
The forthcoming album, 6 Days To Nowhere, will be released between the end of February and the first half of March, worldwide.
Just to trick the time, waiting for the new album, here you can find a brand new photo of your favourite band: we hope you'll enjoy it!

New month, new news! This is the OFFICIAL tracklist of the forthcoming album "6 DAYS TO NOWHERE":
1. Crossroads
2. There Is A Way
3. Lost
4. Mother Earth
5. Waiting Tomorrow
6. Come Together
7. Just One Day
8. What???
9. Coldness
10. Rusty Nail
11. Out Of Control
12. Wolves’N’Lambs
13. Smoke And Dreams
14. Piece Of Time

Here you'll find the link just to put your curious eyes in to the new amazing (someone says maze?) COVER and of course the new track list. Happy x-mas from the band & crew!!!

WELL, WELL, WELL....mix and mastering are done...Now the album is finally completed!!! Abbey Road was the studio for our mastering session....an amazing historical place (never listen to "The Dark Side Of The Moon"???). See you soon ASAP and bye by the maze!!!!!! ROARRRRRRRR!!!

Andrea De Paoli started his work , this is the last important step before the mixing , the maze is still alive 'n' kicking..... up the maze!

...and now is the time for vocals! Roberto started his sessions with Mr.Spigolotti and Sir.Matita , the best producers of ever in metal world.......

Rhythms and solos are done and Roberto has almost completed the bass lines. New photos available for you very soon!

Andrea has finished is sessions and now Pier is recording his rhythm guitars!.....stay tuned....

Mat has finished the drum work, what a great job!!!!
Andrea's sessions started with rhythm and acoustic guitars.....we will inform you about Andrea's work a.s.a.p....UP THE MAZE!!!

Finally the band started the recording sessions for the new album titled "6 DAYS TO NOWHERE".
Mat is near to finish the drum work, we will keep you informed weekly with pics and rumors from the maze.... stay tuned!

The site has been updated, many pics are available in the Pictures Section, including the Evolution Festival ones.

Welcome to the new home of the maze, many news on line A.S.A.P.

Cristiano Bertocchi left the band, his place was taken by the singer Roberto Tiranti.

In these days Labyrinth are working to the demo of the new album and the first gig confirmed is: Evolution Festival 2006. For further informations please visit www.evolutionfest.it