We will soon attend Italian Attack, where Labyrinth will come back on stage, after last troubled year.
Some news from the festival: the gates will open at 7 p.m. and the show will start at 8 p.m. The ticket price is 12 each venue. Please check the Infoline Bloom Agency for every information at: +390396067351.
The 24th February in Genoa there has been the first of three outline and show rehearse, which will take place in three cities of north-center Italy:

15th march Roncade (Tv) - New Age,
16th march Milan - Rainbow Club
23rd march Rimini - Velvet.

The three shows will be recorded and from them will be taken the tracks for a live album: the first of Labyrinth !! In this first day of rehearse the band played its old war-horses, perhaps the ones which need more attention during the execution.
In an hour and half they played several times: Night Of Dreams, No Limits, Dreamland, Heaven Denied, New Horizon, Touch The Rainbow, Sons Of Thunder.

Next rehearse will take place in the three next Sundays, also when the definite outline will be decided (we won't annonce it until the end, not to spoil the surprise!). During the pauses we chat with Rob, who told us about the last news about Labyrinth and we also took the opportunity to ask him about his musician career. 

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