Lab˙rinth and Olaf Thörsen assigned Sons Of Thunder International Staff the following press releases, to shed light upon the reasons of the leaving of the guitarist from the band.
Lab˙rinth and Olaf Thörsen wish is not to make media or defamers exploit about what happened and that everyone could see the serenity of this artistic separation.


...from Lab˙rinth

As already said in our management's press release, there are not personal problems between the band and Olaf. The divergences are just of musical kind as Olaf did not reflect in our new material that is, however, in pure Labyrinth style. We are sure of our new songs, and we will surely miss Olaf more as person than as Labyrinth's guitarist.
We wish him to continue his musical career in the best way, sure that he will find the right musical dimension for his musician's nature.

Kindest regards…
See you soon with the new album !!

Rob Tyrant
Anders Rain
Andrew McPauls
Chris Breeze
Mat Stancioiu


...from Olaf

Hi to all,
It's time to greet!
Unfortunately I will not come back, and I say this not to live on vain hopes. But you must know that I will always remember the years passed inside the Labyrinth - that I created 11 years ago - and from which I never thought to pass through the exit.
I am happy because I know that in this way my creature will go on. If I would have remained, a part from affective reasons, I don't think I would have brought something new: my ideas were different from the ones of the other, and when I find myself "1 against 5" I thought to enforce on me the one I always have considered the main rule in the band: when one is outside the spirit of the others, he should step aside.
I have anything more to say, for the time being.

I will miss you…

Olaf Thörsen