Luca “Bernasca” Bernasconi : Coordinator

Birth date : 14.11.1972
Sign : Scorpio
First record lent me: AC/DC – ‘If You Want Blood… You’ve Got It’
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First record bought : Iron Maiden – ‘Powerslave’
Favourite band/musician : Labyrinth above all, Running Wild, Grave Digger, Kai Hansen
Favourite videoclip : every Kylie Minogue videos.
Favourite Labyrinth song : Mortal Sin, Falling Rain, Moonlight
Favourite food : cassoeula (Bernasca style), tordelli alla massese, sashimi & sushi, salads.
Favourite sport : swimming, skying, mountain bike.
Hobbies : Listen music, Internet, gardening and sometimes get drunk with my friends

Thanx to: My Father (You’ll be 4ever in my heart !), my mom, my brother Walter and his wife Chiara, Labyrinth (for….mmm.. I don’t remeber!), Claudio Dal Bello for his hard work on this site, Marion at The Savage Union, “I’ Tauar”, S.O.T. Staff, Piatti family, all my really friends (you know who you are !!!!), Fabrizio “Recoba” Giruzzi and Atrheia Records, Petrus and all at Italian Dreamers, Fabio Rodighiero and all at , Alex Ventriglia and all at Metal Hammer Italy… and last but not least, Fabio Magliano (sei troooppo amico mio!).
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Max Poloni : Crew

Birth date : 10.10.1980
Sign : Libra
First record lent me : Deep Purple – ‘Best Of…’
First record bought : Motorhead.. but I don’t remember which one !!
Favourite band / musician : Motorhead, Hammerhead
Favourite videoclip : ‘Rocco E I Suoi Fratelli’
Favourite Labyrinth song : ‘No Limits’
Favourite Food : porchetta e salciccia !
Favourite sport : sleep !!
Hobbies : beer !!!!!!!!

Thanx To : nothing to explain or thanx, except Lemmy !!!
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Sergio Brelis : Crew

Birth date : 06/02/1971
Sign : Aquarius
First record lent me : Iron Maiden – ‘Killers’
First recocord bought : Iron Maiden – ‘Live After Death’
Favourite band / musician : Iron Maiden / Dave Murray
Favourite videoclip : Iron Maiden – ‘Wasted Years’
Favourite Labyrinth song : ‘Lady Lost In Time’ / ‘Sons Of Thunder’
Favourite food : lasagne
Hobbies : computer, my skulls (of every kinds & dimension) and ’79 / ’80 robot miniatures collections
Thanx to : a particular “thank you” to Mec, for introduce myself into this “mazing world”, all in the band Labyrinth and his Staff (Luca overall).

Andrea “Lamyrinth” Lami : Crew
Birth date: 25 luglio 1971
Sign: Leone
First record lent me: Iron Maiden – ‘Somewhere In Time’
First record bought: Europe – ‘The Final Countdown’
Favourite band/musician: Dream Theater
Favourite videoclip: all the videos from the end of the eighties to the earlier nineties
Favourite Labyrinth song: ‘Thunder’
Favourite food: All !!! (except vegetables…)
Favourite sport: soccer (Juve !!!)
Hobbies: music, soccer, pussy !!!

Thanx to: Francesca (for everything), Andrea “Andrew McPauls – Paul DeLon – Mazzincaiser – il Depa (per le news) De Paoli”, all in Labyrinth (for friendship), the good Ozzy (for his professionality), Bernasca (for the rest), Fabio Magliano (music, friendship, for all you know…), Dream Theater (no comment…) la Juve (for her victories), Inter (per la sconfitta dell’anno scorso), Valentino Rossi (for his victories), la Ferrari (always only victories)

Claudio Dal Bello: Webmaster/Designer

Birth date : 19.11.1975
Sign : Scorpio
First record lent me: Iron Maiden “Piece of Mind” (1987)
First record bought : Iron Maiden – ‘Powerslave’
Favourite band/musician : Iron Maiden, Malmsteen, Loudness, Labyrinth, X Japan, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Cinderella, Bon Jovi, White Skull and more!!
Favourite videoclip : Twisted Sister “I wanna Rock” and Motley Crue “Home sweet Home”
Favourite Labyrinth song : Chapter I, State of Grace and…..Time Has Come
Favourite food : Pasta and Pizza
Favourite sport : Soccer and Tennis
Hobbies :…I am member (….or I was active member!?) of Ultras Unione VeneziaMestre, computer and listen music, I am Iron Maiden collector I like to buy sell or trade Iron Maiden’s items
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Marco “Barzapapà” Barzaghi : Designer

Birth Date : 16.03.1963
Sign : Pisces
First record lent me : I don’t remember .. probably a J. Brown record..
First record bought : a Jimi Hendrix record… but which one ?
Favourite band / musician : Manowar
Favourite videoclip : Manowar – ‘Warriors Of The World’
Favourite Labyrinth song : Thunder
Favourite food : pappardelle al cinghiale
Favourite sport : paracadutismo
Hobbies : woody boats miniatures
Thanx to : Donald Duck, Manuale delle Giovani Marmotte
Email :

Chiara “Galbu” Galbusera : Writer / Translations

Birth date : 10.11.1982
Sign : Scorpio
First record lent me : Angra – ‘Angels Cry’
First record bought : Manowar – ‘Into Glory Ride’
Favourite band/musician : Manowar / Eric Adams
Favourite Videoclip : When The Crowds Are Gone (Savatage)
Favourite Labyrinth song : Lady Lost in Time
Favourite Food : pizza
Favourite Sport : Soccer
Hobbies : music, any kind of art
Thanx to : Labyrinth, S.O.T. Staff and the Blackboard, my family, Bijou and my other cats, my friends, Calcio Lecco, Disco Service Lecco, Manowar and all true metal bands of the universe, Get Fuzzy, Berlin, David Bowie and Christiane F.
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Sabrina Sorcinelli : Writer / Photo

Birth date : 29.03.1973
Sign : Aries
First record lent me : I don’t remember !!
First record bought : Bon Jovi – ‘Bon Jovi’
Favourite band / musician : Yngwie Malmsteen
Favourite Videoclip : Cradle Of Filth – ‘Scorched Earth Erotica’
Favourite Labyrinth song : Thunder
Favourite Food : pizza
Favourite Sport : no one
Hobbies : music, movies, videogame
Thanx to : Jenis for his patience, Olaf thorsen x le emozioni che ha saputo trasmettermi con la sua musica in tutti questi anni, Dorothy, my family, Stefano and Antonella at Discoshop, Lecco: the best heavy music shop ever! Luca Bernasconi and Labyrinth. At last… also thanx to Dan: he know why…


Linda Giacomello : Writer / Photos

Birth date : 03.08.1982
Sign : Lion
First Record Lent Me : ‘Aqualung’ – Jethro Tull
First Record Bought: Queen – ‘Sheer Heart Attack’
Favourite Band / Musician: Mr.Big, Judas Priest, David Bowie, Steve Vai and.. Labyrinth
Favourite Videoclip : Queen – ‘Under Pressure’, Nevermore – ‘Believe In Nothing’
Favourite Labyrinth song : Piece Of Time
Favourite Food : cheese
Favourite Sport :Horse-riding, soccer
Hobbies : Singing, writing, horse-riding, painting, movies
Thanx to : Labyrinth above all, Andrew Mc Pauls for our meeting at Albisola two years ago, Chris Breeze, the great Luca Bernasconi, Kubrick and all Labyrinthic guys & girls around the world !!!
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