The work of songwriting for the new album is incessantly going on

newsjuneP03The work of songwriting for the new album is incessantly going on. In these days the finishing touch of the first three tracks are clearlier defining their shape. One of them is very similar to the feel of “Heaven Denied” , instead the other two song have a real speed & various impact. A fourth track – a midtempo one – completely by Andrew McPauls, is going to be added to the list of the overcited tracks. There are many ideas and the band is throwing them out unceasingly: every day, every hour is good for a new idea for the worthy successor of “Sons Of Thunder”.

A surprise for all the fans of the band: after the summer the new album’s demo will be ready and an extract from one of the new tracks will be online on : a world preview!

The S.O.T. International Staff is according with the band for the first meeting on the web site CHAT between them and their fans… it will be a cool way to inaugurate the CHAT of, giving a meeting point where fans from all the world will have the chance to meet, chatting of (and with) their favourites or about the Heavy Metal world. But it could be just a way to chat a while. Eh ! Eh!

Even if our band ends, our music will last forever. Another thing that will last forever is the fun you will find at

New files, MP3 and skins have been added to the MEDIA section, and also the announced track recorded by Rob Tyrant with the New Trolls guitarist, Andrea Maddalone, entitled “Una canzone”; the lyrics are not very “politically correct” (just for who knows well italian, but not all is as it could look like!!!): a real exclusive just for!!

As you can see, we have opened on the Menu of the site, the STAFF section, where you can finally see the “ugly face” (except from the ones of our sweet girl-collaborators !) of the people who inform you about Labyrinth… and you will find also some news about S.O.T. International Staff taste. A way to know the big Labyrinth family !!

Stay heavy…